Tila Tequila Praises Casey Johnson, Refers to Courtenay Semel as an "Evil Person"

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In the wake of Casey Johnson's death, we hope Tila Tequila finds peace.

But that may be hard to come by as long as the former reality star continues to feel such hatred toward certain people in the world, namely Casey's ex-girlfriend, Courtenay Semel.

Shortly before Johnson passed away, Tequila spoke to In Touch Weekly about the troubles her fiancee endured. She pointed a finger at acquaintances that teased and tormented Casey.

“They are all just mean girls who pick on her,” said Tila. “I wish they would go on with their lives and leave us alone because we don’t have time for that pettiness.”

Tequila saved most of her wrath for Courtenay, the daughter of former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel and a former flame of both Tila and Johnson. About a year ago, sources said Semel set Casey's hair on fire.

“Courtenay is a crazy vile woman and she is the most evil person,” Tila said of her ex. “She would bad mouth Casey all the time."

Tila and Court
Tila and Casey

Seen here with ex Courtenay Semel and with fiancee Casey Johnson, Tila Tequila has never been shy about her relationships. [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Despite Court's warnings, Tila said she found Casey to be a wonderful girlfriend.

“I was so shocked because I thought she was going to be the crazy person that Courtenay was telling me. But she is the sweetest, cutest, most sensitive woman I’ve ever met in my life.”

Full disclosure: Courtenay Semel is a friend of the site. What will she have to say in response to these accusations? We'll try to find out and pass along her response to a curious public.


Some idiot poster said "why are heiresses lesbians? Maybe because they're too ugly to get attention". Okay, that makes absolutely no sense. It takes a lot more beauty to get sexual attention from another woman than it takes to get the attention of some ugly guy who'd pork a syphilis-infected cherry pie if he could. Why is any woman a lesbian? Um, maybe because women are hot and most heterosexual men look like a platter of dog feces coated in pubic hair...that's why! These heiresses have the freedom to behave as most women should. RIP Casey Johnson.


I just wanna say that Tila is more famous then that stupid Courtenay Semel. I believe tila that C is a f*cking BITCH.
b'cause i think she always gets what she wants.
those ppl never have to work for their money and they live in a fake world... b'cause their parents are buying everthing for them
Tila is a self-made girl.. she works for her money...
She's maybe not an A-List celeb but plz stop with pickin'on her! CASEY JOHNSON R.I.P.


Tila is a wannabe celeb- "famous" for nothing more than being an ignorant pushy whore- this whole thing was nothing but a set-up to get them both some media cover and make C. jealous- get over it..and Tila, got back to Jaurez where you belong.


if you read the story Tila said these things before Casey died, and the reason she tweeted , Hold on baby i am coming is because it was reported Casey was in a coma. The person that said hy are there heiresses always lesbians is it because there ugly, well that was a stupid thing to say wasnt it? you pointless, worthless, brain dead twat! bet your from some hickass county where you think road kill is gold on a dinner plate.. DUMB ASS




Tila is a complete nut job and needs a rubber room


Tila dont care if Casey is dead, she just loves the attention, how couldn't you not know your beloved "fiance" is dead for 3 days, and then TWITTER
"hold on baby I am coming" when Casey was already dead!???? Tila will do anything to get famous even if it includes making people do drugs and die!


Are you kidding me? Tila will never find peace because she's gonna milk this to death. Why do you guys even five her an inch of column space? There's plenty of crazy people in the world..find one that isn't a huge liar/attention seeking whore and make them famous. Tila is a waste of space in this column and on earth. I think on the night she was conceived, her dad should have masturbated instead. She's gross.


Why is it that all of these skanky heiresses are lesbos? I think that it is because they aren't good looking enough to get attention so they become carpet munchers to get it. PS - they are all worthless and an embarrassment to their family's name.


It is awful when a loved one passes, but for Tila to be hitting the media with drama before CAsey's body is even cold....well, she needs to go somewhere and grieve in private, adn stop it with all the whoring herself to the media bullcrap, already. This kind of action does nothing for her sincerity....

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