Tila Tequila Poses with Fake Baby, Hints at Fake Father of Fake Child

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Tila Tequila is good.

You've really gotta hand it to this professional attention-grabber for doing everything she can to sell her fake pregnancy story. First, came the the website announcement. Then, the photoshopped sonogram.

Now, Tila has moved on to phases three and four of her plan: shop for baby clothes and hint at a father for her imaginary unborn child.

The paparazzi-addicted loon was spotted today at Kitson's Kids in Los Angeles. She aptly held up a toddler - as real as the tyke supposedly growing inside her belly - for cameras to see...

Fake Baby Pic

Meanwhile, after initially saying the sperm donor responsible for planting his seed inside her troubled womb was a war veteran, Tila is now teasing that it's a famous rapper who has been in trouble with the law.

Is this all part of her GAME? You tell us. Consider these Tweets from last night:

  • RT: @ihategame To My Unborn child (2pac's voice) <=== Hmmm what ever do you mean by that?? Gee I wonder! Tell me!! haha!
  • RT @skyla79: WTF is @ihategame the father of @officialtila's baby?!!
  • RT @skyla79: WTF is @ihategame the father of @officialtila's baby?!!
  • You guys stop asking me if @IhateGame is the father of my child.....STOP ASKING ME! GO ASK HIM!

Ok, fine. Hey, The Game, are you the father of Tila Tequila's unborn child? Call us!

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will the powers that be please send this girl a cease and desist order? the human mind can only take so much! she has gone beyond the probable and into insanity!


Why does she even feel the need to air her private business with others? That alone makes her a freak.


ok..cll in the looney truck,,, this girl is completely out of it...if anybody gave her the permission or physicians approval of stability to carry anyones embryo, well..they need to be sued, yesterday!!!


this bitch annoys the shit out of me! how low can you be girl! shes the kind of girl that feeds on the D lists shit honestly ppl like this sicken me


HA HA....I hope no MAN gets near her, cause she might start to claim being the father. She needs really help. Where is her "brother"?...Psycho all the way.

Vikki lou

PLSSSSSSSSSSSS GO AWAY!! She's trying to make money from knowing a passed away socialite, grrrrrrr tila pls fuck off u ass hole.


GET THIS GIRL A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SHE NEEDS HELP. crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


My heart broke for Britney when she was losing it, I feel bad while side eyeing the shit out of Lindsay cause at the end of the day she's just a fucked up kid, but fuck this bitch I wouldn't spit on her if she were on fire.


crawl back in the sewer from whence thy came Tila


Pregnant people dont wear 6" heals

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