Tila Tequila Mourns Casey Johnson with Staged, Sexy Photo Shoot

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If Tila Tequila is truly broken up over the death of her fiancee, Casey Johnson, she has a strange way of showing it.

We're not even referring to the fact that she called the police on Nicky Hilton; made up a rumor that the socialite wants to kill Casey's dogs; and has Tweeted close to 100 messages since Johnson passed away.

Instead, we're talking about Tila's reaction to the paparazzi surrounding her home today.

Did she greet them with tears and a plea to leave her alone? Quite the contrary.

She brought her breasts out to play and posed seductively for the cameras. We know that's a reflex for Tila at this point, but you'd think the death of a loved one would cause her to act a bit abnormal at least...

Attention Grabber
Mourning Tila
(Don't) Leave
Always Posing
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Troubled Tila Tequila

How strong Tila Tequila must be to smile through her pain, expose her cleavage, put a flower in her hair, lead photographers around her house and expose her cleavage some more. [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Meanwhile, Tila continues to Tweet her supposedly broken heart away. She wrote today:

"I was the ONLY one who was constantly checking on my Wifey cuz I knew something was wrong... Casey cut out a lot of 'bad' people from her past to be with me cuz I was a good influence on her. We were so in love."

Ah, so that's why Tequila is posing in this manner. Out of love. She just wants Johnson see her breasts from heaven.


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Wow. Its Crazy How All these people can talk smack but yet have the slightest idea of how you feel. Smh. You guys shouldnt believe wat you see or read in the magazines or on the computer. Tila. I know exactly how you feel. Im young but i lost the love of my life almost a year ago. Pple have a different way of mourning. These people just cant think outside of the box and see you pain. But i do. Keep your head up Tila. Shes with you every step of the way. :)


What a vile, repulsive little gutter rat this Tina Tequina is! BLECK, can’t even fathom allowing her name to pass my lips! CRAWL BACK TO THE GUTTER, RAT!


This old gal is in total agreement with awgreg and fred. Lets all ignore these people and let them crawl back into where ever it is they exist. Skank is slightly mild dontcha think? Yeah, me too.


if tela tequila was actually upset and affected by her fiancee dying so recently, she wouldn't have posted any twitter messages, or posed for the goddamn "shoot". and I honestly don't even believe someone like TT is capable of love.


Question: Does any know where Tila was when this happened ? If they were so close so in love, why wasnt she at the house with her ?


I have a gut feeling that her fiancee's death was a homicide. For the simple fact that Tila Tequila would get a good deal of Johnson's inheritance if they married and divorced. I know foul play was instantly ruled out but it all just doesn't add up.


A fake lesbian hamming it up after her fake lesbian girlfriend died because of her habit of eating pill sammiches is supposed to be something anybody in teh real world is supposed to care about?


She really needs help. She doesn't seem to be mourning at all but instead using this as an opportunity to garner attention. How sad.


please stop reporting on this stupid boring skank. maybe if all of these gossips sites join together and ignore these talentless uninteresting whores, they will go away....


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