Tiger Woods' Marriage: Definitely Not Over!

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Tiger Woods' scorned wife has not left him yet, according to new reports, and it looks like she may not do so anytime soon, if at all! Are he and Elin making it work?

The golfer's marriage is "definitely not over," a source says, and that's because he realized he was about to lose everything when his cheating ways were exposed.

Elin and Charlie Woods

After Elin Woods threatened to take their children away from him and move back to Sweden permanently, Tiger fought to stop her - and he has, at least for now.

"Elin could have filed for divorce already but she hasn't," the source added.

"Of course, she has not indicated definitively that she planning on staying with Tiger, but what's happening now is crucially important."

What's happening now is Tiger is in sex addiction rehab in Mississippi.

The Woods' troubles are well-documented, but they're working it out!

While Elin is no longer wearing her wedding ring, she's canceled plans to file divorce papers after Tiger pleaded that he would do what it takes to make things work.

The threat of Elin taking their two young children and moving back to Sweden went a long way to convincing Tiger to go to rehab, where Elin has not been yet.

She may visit him there as part of his rehabilitation process, however. Tiger's program calls for her to spend seven full days of counseling with him in the facility.

After Tiger's affair with Rachel Uchitel was outed by the National Enquirer, he was linked to at least a dozen mistresses and his secret double life was exposed.

The question is whether he can rebound, and whether Elin will give him the chance. Do you think sex addiction rehab will work for him? Tell us:


Question for Sammy: Regarding your comment "Tiger was about to leave Elin and kids to be with Rachel chick but that all stopped when he had the car crash", is that really so ? I didn't recall reading any e-rumours that Tiger was about to leave Elin for Rachel though the e-rumour did say Tiger and Rachel was texting each other which meant the two were contacting each other in Nov. Well, there are e-rumours citing Rachel said/thought she will have a future with Tiger because Tiger will divorce Elin, but those e-rumours were worded "Rachel said/thought"... Do you ever believe in anything said by that shameless horrible woman ????


why would she go back to a man who will only cheat again, he doesnt deserve a chance at all and there are 14 reasons why he doesnt, he will cheat again and again and humiliate her yet again, elin will forever be living her life looking over her shoulder and that trust is gone, tiger was about to leave her and kids to be with this skanky rachel chick but that all stopped when he had the car crash. Elin should just leave him.


Let's just hope Tiger puts in a 110% effort into his program and is sincerely honest with not only Elin but himself. I really hope that the low life women he became involved with leave him alone so he can truly work on getting his life and family back together. I sure hope that Uchitel chick moves on to the next celebrity. She is after all a "celebrity whore". I am sure she will have no problem finding her next stupid rich guy. After all, she is a "socialite"...my ass!!!


No kidding right? "Uh, Daddy's a perv but I thought he'd make a great father"


I don't know why Elin would want to have to explain to her kids somebody why she stayed married to somebody like Woods.


Tiger needs to make public his disconnection to any of these other women now and In the future even the ugly one hanging around Florida! Let them and the world know it's only his wife!


"Tiger pleaded that he would do what it takes to make things work" well that's big of him. he certainly did what he could to fuck things up in the first place!


She'd be more than a fool to take him back, but it's her choice whether to be that blind, or not.


I have never doubted Elin Nordegren’s love for Tiger Woods. She has been a loyal wife and a loving mother. Elin’s suffering has been evident and she has remained strong for her children’s sake. If Elin decides to give Tiger another chance after his savage betrayal it will be because her love for him and their children. I pray and hope that Tiger be worthy of Elin’s love.


Well I for one am very happy to hear this. I hope it is correct.

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