Tiger Woods' Marriage: Definitely Not Over!

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Tiger Woods' scorned wife has not left him yet, according to new reports, and it looks like she may not do so anytime soon, if at all! Are he and Elin making it work?

The golfer's marriage is "definitely not over," a source says, and that's because he realized he was about to lose everything when his cheating ways were exposed.

Elin and Charlie Woods

After Elin Woods threatened to take their children away from him and move back to Sweden permanently, Tiger fought to stop her - and he has, at least for now.

"Elin could have filed for divorce already but she hasn't," the source added.

"Of course, she has not indicated definitively that she planning on staying with Tiger, but what's happening now is crucially important."

What's happening now is Tiger is in sex addiction rehab in Mississippi.

The Woods' troubles are well-documented, but they're working it out!

While Elin is no longer wearing her wedding ring, she's canceled plans to file divorce papers after Tiger pleaded that he would do what it takes to make things work.

The threat of Elin taking their two young children and moving back to Sweden went a long way to convincing Tiger to go to rehab, where Elin has not been yet.

She may visit him there as part of his rehabilitation process, however. Tiger's program calls for her to spend seven full days of counseling with him in the facility.

After Tiger's affair with Rachel Uchitel was outed by the National Enquirer, he was linked to at least a dozen mistresses and his secret double life was exposed.

The question is whether he can rebound, and whether Elin will give him the chance. Do you think sex addiction rehab will work for him? Tell us:


hope they will not let other people add to the pains where they are now. Just hope that Tiger learn more than enough to make him try with full heart and will also recieve the total love and forgiveness from Elin. And also hope that Elin will get the total love, time and exclusiveness that she never have. I believe they can still do it. They can and let us pray for them. God be with Tiger, Elin and their two kids and many more to come...


I would be very happy if they will be back into each others arms. I hope so. We all deserve a second chance.... there might be bumpy roads along the way but there it is surely a means to make amends. Heart will always find a way. God be with them and hope this is true. God be with them and teach their hearts to see the most important possession here on earth... a family.. and that they will never let other


Sara: In response to what you said "I don't know why Elin would want to have to explain to her kids somebody why she stayed married to somebody like Woods"....Let's assume Sam and Charlie asking their Mom Elin a few years from now about their Dad when heard about Tiger's scandal.. Which will be the better answer for Elin to her kids:
(a) yes, your Dad was a scumbag and I divorced him; your Dad is still a scumbag nowl
(b) yes, your Dad was a scumbag;but he realised his mistakes and improved himself to be a better person. I just couldn't forgive him at that time to give him a second chance, so I divorced him at that time;
(c) yes, your Dad was a scumbag; but he realised his mistakes and improved himself to be a better person. It has been a tough choice for me then to stay or leave him, but I gave him a second chance staying one with the marriage, so here we are altogether as a family...


I think it takes a lot of courage and guts to opt the path of staying in the marriage rather than divorcing Tiger... Understanding this, perhaps we should applause Elin for her courage and give her our moral support rather than critiquing as to whether she should stay or leave...I once heard a speech on long lasting marriage... The couple will need to know how to (a)love (b) say sorry and (c)forgive...


Pls respect and support Elin's decision as to whether she will stay or leave the marriage... We virtually know little the stuff between Elin and Tiger.... There is lots of e-rumours most of which are alleged and who know how much of those are true or fabricated... Besides, only the couple know how much love between them..and only Tiger truly knows why he committed this huge mistake... No matter what, pls don't pressure Elin persuading or convincing her as to whatever decision she takes...You will have to trust her as an adult know what she needs.


Tiger is scum. Total scum. A dog that will hump anything that moves. Any woman who stays with this POS is nuts. Sue has ho chasing ass for all he's worth and move on. Case closed. F+uck him and all his scum laden hos girl!


IS SHE OUT OF HER FREAKIN MIND! She would be crazy to take him back! Once a cheat, always a cheat. No rehab in the world can cure cheaters, otherwise men all over the world would be checking themselves in. Before 2010 is done he will be letting his Tiger lose in the woods again. (like the pun?)


Repent Tiger or ye be doomed to eternal flames. Give up ye ho chasing ways and be saved. Ye hos are no good for ye. Nothing worse than a pus_y chaser gone wild.


I really hope they can work it out. Elin loves Tiger otherwise she wouldn't have got mad at discovering his affairs. And I think Tiger loves Elin too : by talking an indefinite break from something he loves so much is a proof.
If they really want another chance so let them be. This is their marriage not ours after all. I hate to see a broken family because of some stupid homewreckers and viles women.


Tiger is not sorry about cheating, he just regrets that he got caught. Because all the time before his wife discovered it he kept on doing it.
A continued marriage between them will be hell for both. He will feel like he can barely look at or talk to another young attractive lady without his wife suspicions and she will likely feel suspicious indefinitely. ugh.
something was wrong with their marriage to begin with, he obviously wasn't really into the kind of commitment she wanted so they didn't ever marry each other for the same reasons.
Let it go, get on with their lives and start over finding fulfillment with someone on the same page, and that means Tiger needs a sleaze-bag who looks the other way while he gives in to his urges

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