Tiger Woods in Rehab: First Photo

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Multiple sites reported last week and a reliable source confirmed Tuesday that Tiger Woods is in rehab for sexual addiction at a clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The world's #1 golfer has not been seen since crashing his car into a tree right after Thanksgiving ... until the photo published by the National Enquirer today.

Tiger is partaking in the Gentle Path program, part of Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services, a leader in treating sexually compulsive behavior.

The details of Tiger's treatment and has solved the mystery of his location are finally being revealed. The photo below, while grainy, looks to be Woods ...

Tiger in Rehab

Tiger Woods in sex addiction rehab: The first image.

According to the report, eyewitness confirm the man in the photograph is Tiger, saying that while he was bundled up, the golfer was recognizable in person.

Another sign he's really there? A huge fence is now being erected around the facility where Tiger reportedly checked into a six-week program December 30.

Two local TV stations have reported he is in the sex addiction rehab facility and a writer for the New York Times magazine confirmed it yesterday morning.

The question is whether it will help him salvage his image, and more importantly his marriage, amid rumors that Elin is considering leaving with the kids.

Will sex addiction therapy help Tiger?


Tiger's a joke. He was named very appropriately- he's nothing but a big pussy. Had he not gotten caught, would he be in treatment- (if you can even consider "sex therapy" real treatment)? He'd still be out there paying for it. I wish people would just shut up and let it go. With the war and everything else going on, how is he even considered news? He could pay some hooker to suck his dick in a bathtub full of whipped cream, as long as we don't have to hear about it, WHO CARES??!


If this is not a publicity ploy, then he is probably in the right place. Whatever the outcome, if he screws (no pun intended) up again then he is finished in the public eye. Charlie Sheen may be in the same boat.


The richest golfer in the world, is in freaking Mississippi. Give us a break.


I saw the photo and from a distance the person does not look like Tiger Woods. The person is wearing white clothes that look like a uniform. Maybe it is a clinic's employee taking a "coffee break"


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