The Runaways First Look: Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett

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They'll soon reunite for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, but Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have taken a little break from one another.

(Just on-screen, breathe easy Robsten fans.)

Pattinson is starring alongside Emile de Ravin in Remember Me, a romantic drama that premieres in March.

Stewart, meanwhile, takes on the role of iconic rocker Joan Jett in The Runaways. She anchors the film with Dakota Fanning, who plays Cherie Currie, as the musical pair rise to fame as part of one of the first-ever female bands.

The movie opens at the Sundance Film Festival this Sunday. Check out a few shots of Stewart below, in a role the polar opposite of Bella Swan...



She just doesn't look badass enough to play Joan Jett. I always thought that Shannon Daugherty would have made a good Joan Jett.


For meagain and 4js: You're both right,yet,let's not forget that other hot famous rocker from The Runaways---LITA FORD(ring any bells?}Famous cut with OZZY in'89: Close my eyes forever..And hit singles: One shot of Poison..and: Kiss Me Deadly...By-the-way,if Kirsten Plays J Jett as much as she's got her looks down--She'll be PHENOMENAL! Take-it from someone who's actually met Lady J,and yes--even propositioned her--when I was a teen..SO--when I say Kirsten has her looks down: I speak from experience--Ya' feel-me?
Good Luck and best wishes to you KS--you've got a lot to live up to from Fans like me. Hope you pull-it off with flyin colors! ROCK-ON,Y'all!! HOLLYWOOD--out!


to're half right...this movie is about THE RUNAWAYS,not solely based on CHERIE CURIE but also,JOAN JETT and how she continued on with the group after CHERIE C. and another member left. THE RUNAWAYS, kept on with rock'n roll even after CHERIE CURRIE...remember,who's behind this film..."JOAN JETT".


check out a few shots of Stewart below?
Is it just me but i think i see other people in the pictures besides Kristen
Did you know that this is Dakota Fannings movie? she has the bigger role and is the main part of the story and she opens it.
did you know that this movie is based on the book neon angel by Cherie Currie/Dakota fanning?
It's not a biopic about joan jett


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