The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest: January 4

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, where we ask readers to submit the funniest caption(s) for the celebrity picture below!

Last week, this popular game featured a smoking, texting, likely drunk Lindsay Lohan. Today, we move on to a star with actual talent: Adam Lambert.

What might the openly gay singer be thinking/saying as he stares in the large bosom of Pamela Anderson on New Year's Eve?

You tell us! Click on the "Comments" link below and send in as many captions as you can think of. We'll announce a winner tomorrow. Have fun and get to work:

Pam and Adam

I thought they were for keeping your dress up - they're not really working!Hope no children are watching!


Now what is it these things are for again?


He is sooo openly gay


Pamy Pamy Pamy didnt your mom tell you that fake stays fake ?


Ooh pam even my pennis are a better fake that this


You need to throw some glitter on those things Honey!


So, what do you do with those?


They really do look like a butt so it wouldn't mean I was straight...


Mmmm... how I do love balls.


Yaahhh...In case you didn't hear I'm a homosexual and you have a lot of scars on those...

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