The Bachelor Cast Sells Out Rozlyn Papa

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Ashley Elmore, a.k.a. the second craziest chick on The Bachelor after the bat$h!t insane Michelle, didn’t get a rose on this week's episode of the reality show.

Now that she's gone, she can't wait to sell out Rozlyn Papa.

Elmore says she witnessed flirting between Papa and Ryan Callahan, a Bachelor producer. An alleged "inappropriate relationship" resulted in their dismissals.

She also says she heard her co-stars say they saw Rozlyn was “snuggling” and “cuddling” with Callahan, including lying on a couch with a hand on his thigh!

Wow, she saw flirting and heard about cuddling? Scandal!

“There were red flags,” Elmore says. “No one thought a sexual affair was happening but they thought it was serious enough to bring to producers' attention.”

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Both Ashley and Rozlyn got the boot Monday - for different reasons.

Papa insists no sex or even making out took place between her and Callahan, who she admits she is close to. Host Chris Harrison insists that it was physical.

The Bachelor himself, Jake Pavelka, said this week on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that Rozlyn Papa had "an inappropriate physical relationship" with Callahan.

His proof? Some female contestants "came up to me and had seen things going on," he says. Again, the evidence is so damning, we don't know what to say!

Pavelka remained mum when asked how "inappropriate" Papa's dalliances were. Asked if they slept together, he replied "You're going to make me turn red!"

Call us crazy if we're not convinved. Who do you believe?


Ashley Elmore was the classiest girl ever on the Bachelor. The author Faheem Awan needs to have his mouth washed out and lose his $10 an hour pathetic job//He IS CLUELESS...he MUST HAVE GOTTEN SOMETHONG LOST IN TRANSLATION!!


Who writes this total crap and won't even use their real name but it is OK to call an intelligent young woman Ashley Elmore who is working on her PHD "AKA 2nd craziest chick"... You need to lose your minimum wage job. You have no journalistic ethics and NO TALENT.


Ashley Elmore is a classy, beautiful, intelligent lady.


Faheem Awan in my opinion states inflammatory untrue statements. He has no journalistic integrity and no talent. He should go back to Pakistan. Who care what your pathetic opinions are.


I knew Callahan junior high through high school. He's a really sweet guy, and I'm really curious to know exactly what happened.... At the worst, good people make mistakes (doesn't make it "okay"). It's kind of surreal to be on a show like this; I can't imagine it myself... sort of like summer camp, detached from reality and consequences. I try not to watch this kind of reality TV--so much whining and negativity--I was disappointed to see it on Ellen (a show I love to watch).


This is just ridic! So, let me get this's okay for "the bachelor" to date, snuggle, make-out with and probably worse, but it isn't okay for this chick to get cozy with another man? I think they just wanted to get rid of her. As a matter of a fact, I think that the producers of this show know who the final four will be before the cameras start rolling!


No-one with an IQ higher than a rock will believe that crap. People are pretty clued up about the bs some shows sell us in a desperate attempt to boost ratings. Please, we're living in the digital age now. We can easily find out the truth of things for ourselves if we want to.


sick of hearing about this hook-up...he got fired and dumped by his longtime g-friend (not for got booted from a show she had hoped would jump start her "career" (not because she had a son)...chris NEVER said all the proof they had was heresay from soem of the girls...NOT ONE TIME did he say you guys screwing her, too?? He did, however, say their relationship was physical...on a level that his live in longtime-g-friend would kick him to the curb as soon as he told her what he did with this "doting mother"....move on...


when the network goes on and one.....purely for publicity! sick and tired of it! please move on to the next .....

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