The Bachelor Recap: Viva Vienna!

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As usual, The Hollywood Gossip staff endured The Bachelor last night to bring you our official recap, with points awarded/docked according to our scientific system.

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    Jake should have kept Cory, if he wanted marriage material, but if he is really going for someone like Vienna, he is in for dysfunction palooza, if He can't keep her happy, she'll motor and leave him in the dust!


    Well.....I hate to say that I have been sucked into the Bachelor and of all times to start watching! Drama, drama. I will say though if and when Ali leaves, that will be my last Bachelor. If ABC is keeping Vienna for the "ratings", they are misguided. She is the reason I will be turning the channel if he keeps her and apparently all the gossip says he does. Now where do you think that's gonna go? Oh well, reality shows....what are you gonna say? I am truly disappointed. Ali was right. If "she is his choice" I am not for him! Spoken with class.


    When i first saw Vienna I didn't really like her, I liked Ali, now my thoughts have really changed, grow up Ali, she is so bitchy...Vienna for 23 yrs old is more mature than most in this season.


    EXCUSE ME,Jake needs to come back to Texas,Who in the hell picked them girls? I watch Bachalor all the time and never have seen so much B/S going on.Jakes wife is not in this bunch.


    Ali, troublemaker. Grow up. Tenley, not as sweet as anyone thinks; her snide remarks, ugh. "I'm Pregnant" - gimme a break - how immature. Gia, eh. Vienna, the best choice for Jake - down to earth. The girls have absolutely no true example of why she is not good for Jake. Go Vienna!


    I hope Ali is chosen in the end, she seems the most normal and the cutest. Vienna, some saying "like" "like" "like" you act like a 15 year old...gross.


    Ella, Gia and Ashleigh are the next to go...look at the next group date on the website. Ashleigh is on the date, but later is crying...


    ummm, Vienna what are you doing on this message board? No need to use a fake name "Linda". Because I'm pretty sure you are the only person in the world who can see that chemistry!


    Previously Ali looked like a good match with Jake, but that pales in comparison with the connection between Jake and Vienna!


    I really like Jake and Vienna together and hope she is his choice! The other girls are just nasty (except Ella). When Vienna was trying to tell Ella how much she would enjoy undivided attention from Jake on her one on one date, the other girls accused her without reason. Jake liked that Vienna "rises to the occasion", a characteristic I would like see more of in myself. Hopefully Jake will not believe the jealous women and will stay true to his feelings for Vienna.

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