The Bachelor Recap: Jake Just Wants a Wife!

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Jake Pavelka's quest for a life partner continued last night, and The Hollywood Gossip staff endured The Bachelor to recap it for you with our exclusive point system.

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    Gia is a dumb slut. How hilarious she dropped out of school too. How telling. I love how she posted her picture duct taping her boobs on her Facebook page. That must have been her proudest moment. Gia, you're a dumb, boring slut with a face that looks like the Joker since you have put it under the knife. No one wants to see your fat, stank ass and your fake, inflated boobs, so quit shoving your T & A in Jake's face. What a boring dumb ass bitch.


    Tenley is mysterious and funny,cute.
    Vienna is cute and real and sweet and honest.
    Ali she is manipulate,insecure,jealous type.
    Gia she is spoil and fake and insecure.


    Tenley will be my first choice and just and the second choice will be Vienna and Gia she must go back home.


    Ali is not for Jake and even Gia I do not see Jake being with her.


    Vienna is not ugly so stop making comment look at yourself in the mirror. Gia look very fake and she is insecure and Tenley she is ok looking not so sure about her past life with her ex-husband.


    Gia look like a clown


    Oh my gosh...Jake should be on a soap opera. He tries too hard with his cheesy lines. I dont find him attractive at all. What is on the ceiling that Vienna keeps looking at???? She is not pretty at all with no makeup...has he seen her with none? Is her hair fake?????


    I have never seen an uglier woman than Vienna. She looks like a man in drag... like a white Ru Paul. It makes me sick..if I were on the show I would hate the fact that such an ugly, overly confident person was in the same running as me. Ughh... gag. Gross vomit gross.


    Barbara, I agree with you, especially your last comment. I was actually hoping he would pick Ella, as she was so lovely and definitely the most classy and mature one of the entire group.


    I read that Jake took part in screening these women for the show. All of them are attractive, but alot of these women seem intellectually shallow.

    I always think it is sad when women are malicious to each other over a man. Ali is a big disappointment. She is so jealous and insecure that she actually makes me feel sorry for Vienna.

    I think many of these girls are just too emotionally immature and young. Jake seems perceptive and smart - I just think more mature women would have been a better choice.

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