Teen Mom Mother Debra Danielson Arrested for Abusing Daughter

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Incredibly, a family involved in a MTV reality show has proven to be dangerous and unstable.

According to Iowa's Daily Nonpareil, police responded on Saturday to the home of Farrah Abraham, the star of an episode of Teen Mom.

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Reports indicate that Farrah was involved in a confrontation with her mother, Debra Danielson, who was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse/serious assault.

The Council Bluffs Police Department told TMZ that daughter and mother started to argue and Debra allegedly threw a shirt at Farrah; it reportedly landed "on or near" Farrah's baby.

At the sight of her child (pictured above with her) crying, Farrah says she went after her mom... who proceeded to grab Farrah by the throat. Farrah told police she pushed Danielson's hand away, leading her mother to strike her on the right side of her head and mouth.

Cops at the scene of the crime confirm multiple cuts on the right side of Farrah's lips.

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hey iam your guys number 1 fan so hen i heard the news i know how you feel i saw my sister fight its sad but a mom to hit there own kid is more hurting lots of love


if you watch the show. all farrah do is qo out. and never take care of her child. watching this makes me sick. i believe the mom should be innoncent:] you know whyy? i'll you whyy! farrah a bitch! and does NOT KNOW HOW TO TREAT HER CHILD! she deserve that cut on her lips!


I don't like Farrah anyway she's always going out partying and trying to find guys instead of spending time with her daughgter. I won't be surprised if she comes up pregnant again before 25.If i was her mother i would have been slapped her and kicked her out of my house.


I see many comments that say rude things. I believe even if Farrah is not doing the right thing all the time, no one should be hurt, cut, etc. We're not all perfect. I think they should've just talked, not fight.


I'm sorry but for everyone who is saying that Farrah DESERVED IT?! REALLY i'm sorry but it's a shame that people actually could think that hitting someone is the way to go. How much more before everyone loses their minds in this world..because thats the way we want to raise our kids right? by hitting them? WOW i think people in this world need to get a f***ing reality check..


a poor baby doesnt need to be terminated just because the mothers a dumbass.. lets hope adoption instead.


Good god. Hasn't the girl ever heard of abortions? Let's hope she gets one next time.


farrah is a stupid little brat who needs to get over being a teenager she is a mother now and should stop acting like she is the center of attention i am surprised her mom put up with what she did farrah grow up you stupid little baby


Farrah deserved it! She is ungrateful spoiled brat. All she wanted to do is go out with all these guys. Her mom tried to help her to be a better mom and farrah continued to be a bitch and disrespect her mom and dad. If she was my child she would have been put in her place along time ago. You don't disrespect ur parents....PERIOD! The only reason her mom is locked up is because society today doesn't believe in hitting their kids when they r wrong. If farrah charged at me I would have done the same to protect myself she is an adult now. I don't care if it was mothers instict or not. Im a teen mom and I would never treat my mom the way her bitch ass does to her mom.


Farrah is extremely rude and disrespectful. I am not suggesting that the mother was correct in what she did, but Farrah is terrible. She curses at both her father and her mother and leaves the baby at home with them all the time as if it's their responsibility to take care of her daughter. She is ungrateful, selfish, annoying, and irresponsible. That little cookie is going to have a tough life. You should never bite the hands that feeds you. They both need serious counseling!