Teen Mom Mother Debra Danielson Arrested for Abusing Daughter

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Incredibly, a family involved in a MTV reality show has proven to be dangerous and unstable.

According to Iowa's Daily Nonpareil, police responded on Saturday to the home of Farrah Abraham, the star of an episode of Teen Mom.

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Reports indicate that Farrah was involved in a confrontation with her mother, Debra Danielson, who was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse/serious assault.

The Council Bluffs Police Department told TMZ that daughter and mother started to argue and Debra allegedly threw a shirt at Farrah; it reportedly landed "on or near" Farrah's baby.

At the sight of her child (pictured above with her) crying, Farrah says she went after her mom... who proceeded to grab Farrah by the throat. Farrah told police she pushed Danielson's hand away, leading her mother to strike her on the right side of her head and mouth.

Cops at the scene of the crime confirm multiple cuts on the right side of Farrah's lips.

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I always thought she seemed a bit nutty. I don't know; I feel like in her '16 & Pregnant' episode Farrah didn't seem very committed to or enthusiastic about her impending motherhood...her control issues with her uptight (and abusive) mom kind of made me wonder if Farrah had conservative 'pro-life' views shoved down her throat if you know what I mean...And yeah, Farrah seems a bit ungrateful and selfish, but first of all, she's still a teenager (despite having a daughter of her own) and second of all, that is NO EXCUSE FOR CHILD ABUSE!


this is ridiculous, she didn't deserve to be hit but she is immature. she's always yelling at her mom saying she is a teenager and junk but she needs to realize that she took that teenage crap and threw it out the window when she decided to have sex. it's no one else's fault but hers that she can't have fun. she needs to grow up. her parents need to kick her out so she can grow up and so she can stop disrespecting them. i'm not talking trash about her, i'm speaking the truth. take that and twis it however you want.


This is really sad and it gets to me because i am soon to be a teen mom and i just hope that i wont have to go through this.As for farrahs mom i hope she realizes what she did.Ans as for farrah she needs to learn WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A TEEN MOM! Which means giving up a social life, stop partying, and to know its not all about her anymore!


Hes not dead in the first episode they have a conversation about leaving the father out of the picture. someone obvoulsy doesnt watch the show. cunt


Excuse me!Has anyone here been watching the show? That mother of Farrah's is mentally and emotionally abusive. Watch carefully how the mother manipulates Farrah in that baby voice. It's weird. Can you not see this woman is an absolute control freak? True, Farrah is a mom and should behave like one but her mother nuts. I can't understand how you can all say Farrah desevers to be hit? We aren't talking about a spanking here folks. We're talking about a mother who hits like a man. A mother should never, ever hit her child in that manner, no matter how old that child is. Her mother had better expect the courts to pull out the film footage of when she hit Farrah in the car. True, Farrah is spoiled but she is working and going to school and home all the time now. Lets hope Farrah doesn't ever hit her daughter this way.


If I was her mom, I would have kicked her out long ago. Farrah is spoiled! Anyone would be lucky to have the help she got as a single parent. She has very supportive parents, yet she is not appreciating them as much as she should. What a brat!


Farrah probably never got her butt whoopped as a kid. She is disrespectful and ungrateful... As much as her mom and dad do for her, she still acts the way she does, she totally deserved to get smacked. She needs to grow up and be a better mom.


Omg some ppl on here are DAMN RETARDED! I'm a teenage mother luckily I was 18 and way more mature it wasn't an accident I knew what could happen with unprotected sex but it wasn't planned either....more of a surprise. So keep ur nasty ass comments about "they should have thought about that when they were laying on their backs" to your ignorant ass self!!! Farrahs a bitch and shes frustrated cuz along with being a normal smartass teenager she has a nagging ass family that think she's a lot worse than she is! No one deserves abuse... honestly I would have went off n hit her when her hand went for my neck... thts major intent to harm! Damn Psycho!


hey you dea you may think as her disrespectful but do you have a kid hum!


hey so when i dont have a mom because she passed away after christmas i miss her i know that she did something wrong but you need her i know i regrate every thing now i still love with all my heart i need her more then ever when i think of growing up without her is very sad