Tabloids: Angelina Jolie Wants "Life Without Brad"

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One would think, given recent family outings and an incredible $1 million donation to Haitian relief efforts, that things were going well for Brangelina these days.

Well, you'd be wrong, according to celebrity gossip magazines whose mission in life is to skewer the couple with more and more sensational stories each week!

On today's cover, In Touch interviews Brangelina’s long-time maid, Anna Kowalski, who claims Angie cheated on Brad with a movie coach and he was “oblivious.”

Perhaps for that reason, she and Brad have pulled the plug on their once-committed relationship, and Angelina is packing up for an extended stay in Europe.

There, she will adopt another child. Solo. According to the National Enquirer, that is. They say she is "throwing her energy into a life apart from Brad." Sure.

Who needs Brad Pitt? Not Angelina Jolie, apparently, given her "affair with a teacher." Poor guy, sitting alone and texting. He's not gonna like when he reads this.

Angelina will begin production soon on The Tourist, which will film in Prague and Venice. Her brother James will supposedly help during the adoption process.

That's good. Life without Brad doesn't mean life in isolation.

According to recent tabloid nonsense, Brad and Angelina's nearly five-year relationship continues to buckle under months of stress, including a failed suicide attempt by Angelina and a frightening collapse of the beauty's weight.

She is also said to have physically attacked Brad when he made a cheating confession about ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. LOL. What will the tabs make up next?

We'll find out next Wednesday morning!

Life without Brad. Sounds lonely. Good thing it's not true.


brangelina is money. tabloids want brangelina's novel and false gossip. tabloies really thanks bragelina.


Love this: "I don’t understand why everybody rags on the mags when it comes to these two. Any other story would be taken with the possibility of at least SOME truth. But anything/everything negative printed about the two saints is nothing but an outright lie!!! Perhaps, in response to the question as to why the stories have been printed over and over about their demise, they actually DO have a very tumultuous relationship? According to multiple sources, they “break up all the time�. And supposedly, they always get back together after their fights and try to patch things up. Personally, an affair closely followed by six children is nothing short of a disaster to me. Is it really outlandish to claim that they have serious issues? I thought that was common knowledge to anybody with half a brain and a pair of eyes!"


"One would think, given recent family outings and an incredible $1 million donation to Haitian relief efforts, that things were going well for Brangelina these days." what does donating to charity have to do with being happy with your relationship? and i'm so sick of people singing this same tune when Jennifer Lopez, Paula Abdul, John Mayer, and some other stars raised over $9 million dollars for Haiti relief efforts. if they're gonna split and aren't happy, then people should stop putting pressure on them to stay together, and if they're happy then they will continue to be together. it's that simple, get over it


wow angelina fans are such jerks, 2 comments and already insulting someone saying that they got dumped. hey angeloony, not everyone who doesn't like angelina has problems with there love life. maybe YOU shouldn't write ridiculous comments. anyways, i really don't buy it, these two aren't going anywhere even if one is cheating cuz they have too many kids to think about. either way if they're not happy, are happy, or on the brink of separation, no one knows that, only they know, and if they're happy then people should let them be, and if not, then the only sad part if about the kids. they're the ones who will suffer


thats why i never spent money on tabloids. And Kim, are u kinda person who cant keep a guy too? you just got dump from your bf or what? you repress! im sorry but its not good to blow off steam by writing ridiculous comment here


Brad is leaving Angie but it doesn't make the cover.

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