Tabloids: Angelina Jolie Wants "Life Without Brad"

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One would think, given recent family outings and an incredible $1 million donation to Haitian relief efforts, that things were going well for Brangelina these days.

Well, you'd be wrong, according to celebrity gossip magazines whose mission in life is to skewer the couple with more and more sensational stories each week!

On today's cover, In Touch interviews Brangelina’s long-time maid, Anna Kowalski, who claims Angie cheated on Brad with a movie coach and he was “oblivious.”

Perhaps for that reason, she and Brad have pulled the plug on their once-committed relationship, and Angelina is packing up for an extended stay in Europe.

There, she will adopt another child. Solo. According to the National Enquirer, that is. They say she is "throwing her energy into a life apart from Brad." Sure.

Who needs Brad Pitt? Not Angelina Jolie, apparently, given her "affair with a teacher." Poor guy, sitting alone and texting. He's not gonna like when he reads this.

Angelina will begin production soon on The Tourist, which will film in Prague and Venice. Her brother James will supposedly help during the adoption process.

That's good. Life without Brad doesn't mean life in isolation.

According to recent tabloid nonsense, Brad and Angelina's nearly five-year relationship continues to buckle under months of stress, including a failed suicide attempt by Angelina and a frightening collapse of the beauty's weight.

She is also said to have physically attacked Brad when he made a cheating confession about ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. LOL. What will the tabs make up next?

We'll find out next Wednesday morning!

Life without Brad. Sounds lonely. Good thing it's not true.


Ian Halperin predicted Brangelina would split months ago. It looks like their time has come. Hope things work out for their kids.


long live angi and brad. I hate Jennifer Aniston,she's a mean bitch .


of course people are interested in what's happening with brad and angelina's relationship. they're the most famous people in the world. do i believe she'd cheat on brad? hell yeah! just look at any picture of them and you can see they're not happy. she's a wild woman and he's boring with an ugly beard. angelina can't stay with one guy--or girl--for too long


celebrities dont get dresses for free. is that why magazines print stories about how much the spend on their dress for the evening? shut up "nicole" if you look at my, and some of the other posts we said she shouldn't be compared to people who've given everything to help others cuz she hasn't, it's really an insult to their name. they have the money to spare, most people who make a lot of money donate, and i'm pretty sure that a lot of people would donate money if they had so much of it that they can blow of millions. you can't put someone on a pedestal just cuz they donate money when many other people are doing it too.


celebrities DONT


you people are idiots. really. like none of us have ever had any relationship troubles... if there is even any truth to this story. and trsut me, they dont spend one cent on the dresses they wear to awards or whatever, the designers beg them to wear their brands. the reason why celebs are so rich, besides earning ridicilous amount of money, they get everything FOR FREE!!!! ill bet you you dont give everything you have to charities, or some of you even at all. they give alot of money, and time, to these people. no one forces them to, but i believe they are good people, and thats why the do it. sure the rest of their lives arnt perfect... but whose is?? start to see reality apart from sensation please


Brangelina is a great market for the magazines. Their rep. created this Goddess and The Prince Charming image for them now they are forced to do everything to protect this image. That's why we see regular family outgoings, charity works every month, or visit to undeveloped countries. AJ's10 year old sexy pictures everywhere. I have to admit, their reps. are not doing a great job for Brad. I am sure AJ has something to do with it. She knows that if Brad needs her for publicity then he won't be able to leave her. Plus the kids ofcourse. Why do you think she wanted so many kids in such a short time? But magazines also use Brangelina to get attn from people too. They know people will read if they write sth negative about them. That's a great indication that even though they are so popular, they are not approved by so many people.


Freda and "not imopress with aj" you two have said it all. this woman has defiantly not given everything she has into charities, fact is she still has millions more and is living an exceedingly comfortable life-style, yet people have the nerve to compare her to figures in history who truly gave everything they had to help others like Mother Teresa. what would they think if they knew they were being compared to someone who's so materialistic that she spends thousands of dollars on a dress she'll only wear one night to a red carpet event? brad will never have the nerve to leave her, and even if he did, she will guilt him into coming back


tired of angelina and brad using charity for positive pr! lots of stars, professional and average people have given and continue to give to charity every day, week, month and year(s) without ever wanting the recognition! brad can't leave angelina, she would do another suicide thoughts/threats like she did to get billy bob and this relationship to keep brad. i feel for the children and brad's mother!


I really believe that Brad loves his children very much and will not leave Angelina because of that. He has gone from being so sexy to looking like someone who has lost everything in his life. It is hard to feel sorry for someone who "asked for it" when he left his wife. I also believe that Angelina will never let him go, because she cannot face the world knowing that she lost him.
It's a shame that people who have so much can't be a little happier than they obviously are. As far as their donations to charity, they haven't given "ALL" they have, so any comparison of Angelina to Mother Teresa is simply rediculous.!

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