Spotted Together: Adam Lambert and Ferras Alqaisi

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After initial reports surfaced that Adam Lambert was hooking up with Ferras Alqaisi, all has remained quiet on that dating front.

Until now!

The American Idol finalist was spotted at Hotel Cafe in West Hollywood this weekend, attending a Ferras concert. The pair were then seen exiting the building and walking closely together:

Ferras and Adam

Soon after American Idol ended, Lambert went public with his sexuality and then with his relationship with Drake LaBry.

But those two broke up in late October and Adam wasted little time in getting close to Alqaisi. Are they an official item? It's unclear at this time.

As long as he's happy, though, fans - including the THG staff - are happy. Click on the images below for a few closer looks at Lambert and his rumored new mate:

Possible Couple Sighting
Rumored Item
Getting a Ride
Concert Goer
Time for Fans



Please stop saying that Adam is dating Ferras. My soon to be ex husband left me for Adam. I know for a fact that Kris is the only person he's sleeping with.


I believe the politically correct way to phrase two homosexual friends is "butt-buddies".


I agree with staciegirlie comments - please stop saying that Adam is dating Ferras they are just friends, like Danielle Stori the girl that drove both Adam and Ferras to the show. They were attending a show that Adam and Danielle's friends Ferras and Alison Porter were performing at. You are just making shit up and you know it.


Idiots. Adam went with his friend Danielle to support his friends Ferras and Alison Porter who were performing. On Adams left, and in the car, is his friend Danielle, who you conveniently cropped out.


Here's the 411. Ferras and Adam know each other and were friends before American Idol. Hey, if something develops from that, then hey. Otherwise, they are friends and Adam went to support his friends who were performing at a show. Nice of you to crop out the girl they were hanging out with.

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