Spotted Strolling: Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus!

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Yesterday, we made fun of a recent interview Miley Cyrus gave in which she complained about life in the spotlight.

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    show offing**


    he is just not 4 miley ,he look ugly and i can replace him with the dusband .nick is way HOTTER than him ,, he just showoff that he has an american gf but actually he is suck in everything!!!! lol trust me


    Miley has had some botox if you look at her site where she is talking about charity... So young to have injections...


    Well, at least the t-shirt on the BF isn't a white V neck! Liam does seem to have a larger range of wardrobe apparel. I wonder if Miley is still carrying her Bible in her purse. Did she take it with her when she "fro licked" with Liam on the beach from Here To Eternity? What kind of prayer did she say after..."Oh, Lord, Let me buy you a Mercedez Benz"? P.S. For all of you who comment to leaver her alone, I personally couldn't care less about her. None of the stuff I write is based on fact. I just like busting you precious little warts who live and die on her every word or action. GET A LIFE!


    For all you who comment about this! You guys have to leave this couple alone! What miley cyrus goin to suppose to wear? jeans and long sleeves shirts! That's funny! I love all her clothes! Leave her alone. She is good actress and good singer. but i have to admit her voice is getting me annoying when she talk. But she is good! People who don't like her please don't waste your time!


    Whats such a big deal? They're jus goin out. Why nt hollywood gossip report on miley and liam in australia? Thats bigger news than some plain date! Stupid thg!


    Well, at least Liam is tall enough to be a good stripper's pole. I wonder if they have a baby, if it is born in Australia, will the baby come out with a clockwise or counter-clockwise spin? Hmmm.


    Walking to the car, you expect them to be dry humping or what??? You people are soooo stupid...


    why dont u pick on someone else for a change and leave her alone its getting quite old


    Here's the Australia, France, etc. she is all over him, holding hands, kissing, hugging. Now she is back in the states where her cash cow is, and they are walking a respectful distance apart, not holding hands, not smooching. Wonder why there are so many "haters", cause they don't like being fed a bunch of bull either to themselves or their kids, and then have to clean up the mess people like the Cyrus family brings into their lives. Go back to Tennessee and quit the crap!

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