Source: Tiger and Elin Woods to Remain Married

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We've debated if sex rehab can help Tiger Woods salvage his marriage and be a better man. The latter is up for debate, but it seems to have done the former.

Despite his astounding string of sexual exploits, Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren, has called off any plans to divorce the world's #1 golfer, according to reports.

Elin Nordegren Woods, Kids

Elin spent last week visiting Tiger in his sex addiction rehab program. Time and Tiger's actions since the scandal broke prompted her not to file for divorce.

Sources say initially, Elin Woods made up her mind to dump her husband after he was linked to more countless mistresses and his secret life was revealed.

But Tiger has begged for a second chance, sought treatment to save his marriage with the help of sex addiction therapy and so far it seems to be working.

"He's told her he's serious about making it work and doing whatever he can," the source said. "The stress has taken a big toll, but she's a strong woman."

Somehow, it looks like Tiger Woods' marriage will survive.

A big reason for her eventual willingness to reconcile? Elin Woods, a child of divorce herself, doesn't want to raise their two little children without a father.

"Elin wants a solid family life," according to a Florida insider, and Tiger wants to hold onto his family and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

"Tiger wants to go back to being a golf star with endorsements," a source told People. "But keeping the family together is the most important thing to Tiger so he is doing whatever it takes to keep Elin from leaving him with the kids."

Even go through a six-week counseling session in which he comes clean about all his dalliances - and then some - with his spouse right there with him.

Not that there are many secrets left, after Elin's texting with Rachel Uchitel blew the lid off his affair and the tabloids uncovered another 11 mistresses.

"This is the rough part where the patient has to admit that he [cheated]," a former patient of the Mississippi clinic where Tiger is being treated says.

It looks like it's working though. Rebuilding his image will be another story ...


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This is awesome now tiger can be the victim


Well, it took far more courage and guts to opt staying in the marriage rather than going for divorce.... As for whatever options (stay or divorce), I will say there bound to be people critiquing or condemning, but if I am her, " who care ? It's her marriage to her husband and she has two kids !and that's all she cares". Whatever Elin opts, I respect her decision and give her my support !


(I guess) Perhaps all along Elin had not been planning for a divorce but it is just the tabloid who had been fabricating all those e-news of "divorce definitely on" or "Elin wanted 50% of Tiger's fortune" so as to keep the scandal hype going... Thinking more clear-headedly, Elin (after the ski trip if e-rumour that she had been skiing in New Year was indeed true) looked so life as usual...really made me think she had been keeping in touch with Tiger all along as well as things looked improving rather than deterioriating (if not, how can a to-be-divorcing wife be so serene rather than devastating)... Besides, if indeed she was so mad at Tiger to strive for a divorce, she would have already file the divorce paper after Xmas... All things pointed to leading me think she had already decided to stay in the marriage after Xmas...


F_c_ 'em both. 'nuf said.


After deceiving, betraying and humiliating Elin Nordegren in front of the world, Tiger Woods continues to take advantage of Elin by subjecting her to emotional blackmail. Tiger has been pleading and begging Elin not to divorce him and making her all kind of promises. I hope and pray that Elin have had a clear understanding of Tiger’s issues before she made the decision to stay with him for her sake and the sake of the children.


Pls don't condemn people for their decision or course of actions.. We, as outsiders, don't know what really happened in WOODS family, and who know how much truth in the numerous e-news put forward by tabloid/media... Trusting that both Elin and Tiger are adults and who (as parents) won't do the best thing for their own kids...whether it is stay or split, whatever decision opted by the couple, pls support them.


Proves what I said all along. Elin is just a gold digging whore with no morals. No wonder she married Tiger.


Sick. I can't believe she would stoop so low.

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