Simon vs. Ellen: American Idol Judges Feuding Already, Sources Say

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American Idol viewers haven't seen Ellen DeGeneres on TV yet. But Simon Cowell may have already had enough of her!

The comedian started taping the Hollywood rounds of the show last week and will debut on Fox on February 9. How is she getting along with the most important panelist of all?

“Their relationship started poorly, but now the situation has escalated,” a source told

  • Ellen as a Judge
  • Simon Photograph

The tension stems from Ellen's very first day on set, as reports indicate Simon showed up an hour and a half and DeGeneres was "greatly annoyed" by such tardiness.

“There’s two camps on the show this season,” said a show insider. “It’s a lot more tense than previous seasons. It seems as if Ellen has decided to try to take control since Simon is on his way out and that’s created problems.”

Sounds like it will create great television, as well. Are you excited for Ellen to debut? Do you wanna see Katy Perry take over for Cowell next season?

You can also check out the leaked names of rumored season nine semifinalists. The next American Idol will likely come from this group.

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Only idiots think badly of Ellen, people who obviously don't know Ellen. What total jerks, your judgement to other people shows how SICK and hypocritical you are! Saying "I don't have personal grudges.." yeah right, fucking blasphemy. I don't think she'll be good with the music thing, but Ellen does know talent. Besides, it will always be just for the ratings.


Cara.....either get off Simon or get a room. Could you sit any closer? We fast forward everytime you start with your "chicken neck shuffle" and babbling about one of the singers. Annoying to say the least. Hang in there will get easier. I think you are doing a great job.


I hope they get rid of Ellen. Her comments show her lack of knowledge about singing. I wouldn't want my daughter to be on Idol with her judging it. I'd worry to death that she;d be lusting after her. Really...what were they thinking when they got her on the show? Sad....and I used to enjoy the show.


I am a Christian man, I have been a faithful Idol watcher all these years. Sadly I will not be able to watch this year. I hold nothing personal against Ellen, but do not agree with the lifestyle she has chosen and cannot with a clear consciences watch her on Idol and tell my daughters that it's ok. I have watched this years season up to this point, but have informed my family that when Ellen comes on, I tune off. I hope this is not long lasting and am able to begin watching next year.


I like Ellen and she will be a great asset to Idol. But Simons replacement is a joke. Howard S. is going to ruin the show. Simon and Ellen are only doing this for ratings.


think ellen doesn't know anything about mucsic i mean she shouldn't be panelist 'cause she's not prepare to do something like that at all...




The worst thing that could happen to American Idol is to have Ellen Degenerate on the show. She is the typical know it all about nothing.With an over aubundance of no talent at all!


ellen should have never taken the job for the way fox did paula! i remember when ellen was in paula's shoes! i was very disappointment in her. also ellen doesn't understand music as own her show ellen has been fined for stealing music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Simon has been talking about leaving for the past several seasons. Has nothing to do with Ellen. Sounds like this 'fueding' is just to pump up the ratings. People love a good fued when it comes to Simon. Simons music skills are questionable. He's had some successes but was asked to leave E&S, then Fanfare went bankrupt so he moved back in with his parents. What talent!