Shocking News: Brangelina Split May NOT Happen!

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Astoundingly, sources are telling People today that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may actually be happy and not on the verge of splitting and killing each other.

While reports are swirling that Angelina is in a jealous rage over Jennifer Aniston and preparing for life without Brad, multiple close sources say it's not so.

"Everything is fine" with the parents of six, says one source.

Another source says that the split reports are "totally false."

Well, you can consider us shocked. You mean the tabloid stories of epic fights, cheating and breakups we see every week may be exaggerated or untrue?

Angelina and Brad Pic

All is well with Brangelina. Except maybe that goatee.

In recent weeks, it's been business as usual for the busy couple – movie shoots, family outings, $1 million Haiti donations – and nothing seems amiss.

The two megastars are currently in Los Angeles to work on pre-production for their upcoming movies: Jolie's The Tourist and Pitt's Lost City of Z.

On January 16, Pitt took their eldest son, Maddox, on a boys' trip to the New Orleans Saints' playoff game, while Jolie was spotted grocery shopping and dropping by an Apple Store in L.A. with daughters Zahara and Shiloh.

In the last few days, Jolie jetted to New York City for a Vanity Fair shoot, while Pitt stayed in L.A. to participate in George Clooney’s Hope for Haiti Now telethon.

No secret meetings or revenge pregnancies were reported.


anybody who hate angilina jolie is jeolous of her beauty and her power,why people blame her stealing brad from jen,its not only her fault?i don't blame brad for leaving Gen,that woman couldn't produce any baby for him.most women(only women) perfer jen over Angilina,becouse she is evrage looking while Anilina is extreamy sexy,so women can relate themselves bettee with Jen rather than Angie becouse she for too much sexy and she is better person as well,she done a lot of humantarian work but Jen done nothing for humanity.


Yes, they will split,because,When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston announced they were splitting up it was the same time as the 2005 Tsunami in the far east. It toppled the Tsunami from the top of the news agenda for a couple of days. With Haiti now the top news story the last thing they would want is to top it by saying they are splitting up. Is it just a coincidence that massive disasters happen when Brad Pitt leaves someone?


i'm engaged. so don't talk about my life. this story is about brad and angelina, so maybe you should write something about them if you're gonna comment. talk about needing to get a life, instead of attacking someone you don't know anything about, you should think of something intelligent to say. not everyone who doesn't like angelina doesn't have love, that would be millions of people who are loveless, get real. it's the people who go and comment about other people they've never even seen that are true idiots. i'm certainly not jealous of someone who's had mental problems, is in love with her brother, and has such low self-worth that she can't get a real man to love her, she has to go for the 2nd-rate two-timers, that doesn't sound like a happy person to me


Alisa and Angie get a life-I mean really how jealous are you? Because you dont have love in your life or a life for that matter why hate on someone else who does? They will survive and be classyand glamorous doing it-no matter what the stupid in touch says


they won't split. they're perfect couple I've ever seen. they care to each other, they're just perfect. there's no reason for spliting up!! please don't!!!


why do they always post the same pictures over and over. the one with her in this stupid leather dress? i hate seeing her man-hands look so disproportionate to her stick arms and her broad shoulders and thick neck make the rest of her body look weird.


splitville! they are fake and a totaly sham. can't wait.


im so sad that they may not spit they r getting my nevrses i wish they spit up


Carly, I agree with you that I can't understand the intense fascination with this couple. Also, maybe if the MEDIA stopped reporting every other day that they are having troubles, they are breaking up, then no one would have to wonder. Plus I don't understand, it's like the media sees couples get together and then they just sit and wait and hope for them to break up. That is a really bad attitude toward couples and relationships. No wonder people have such negative attitudes about it.


I can't believe anybody gives a rat's behind about their relationship or their commitment to overpopulating the world.

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