Shocking News: Brangelina Split May NOT Happen!

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Astoundingly, sources are telling People today that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may actually be happy and not on the verge of splitting and killing each other.

While reports are swirling that Angelina is in a jealous rage over Jennifer Aniston and preparing for life without Brad, multiple close sources say it's not so.

"Everything is fine" with the parents of six, says one source.

Another source says that the split reports are "totally false."

Well, you can consider us shocked. You mean the tabloid stories of epic fights, cheating and breakups we see every week may be exaggerated or untrue?

Angelina and Brad Pic

All is well with Brangelina. Except maybe that goatee.

In recent weeks, it's been business as usual for the busy couple – movie shoots, family outings, $1 million Haiti donations – and nothing seems amiss.

The two megastars are currently in Los Angeles to work on pre-production for their upcoming movies: Jolie's The Tourist and Pitt's Lost City of Z.

On January 16, Pitt took their eldest son, Maddox, on a boys' trip to the New Orleans Saints' playoff game, while Jolie was spotted grocery shopping and dropping by an Apple Store in L.A. with daughters Zahara and Shiloh.

In the last few days, Jolie jetted to New York City for a Vanity Fair shoot, while Pitt stayed in L.A. to participate in George Clooney’s Hope for Haiti Now telethon.

No secret meetings or revenge pregnancies were reported.


I'm all for Brangelina. After all it's Brad's and Angelina's choice who will they date. I don't get why are people so stupid and talk about their relationship when they don't even know what is really going on. If you say something at least check first. How would you feel if you would be married to someone you love but when you get up you see your picture in the magazine saying you two are breaking up and alot of other lies. their life - their choice


acually I like brad with jennifer because anjelina is just too aggresive......and she also ruin jen's merried..


i love them i think everybody just cant stand them being sooooooooo happy


I love Angelina and Brad..they are destined for each sympathy to haters who just can't move on and start a life! Jen & Brad are already doomed before Angie came and is Brad a thing that can be stolen by anybody without his consent. Brangelina is a picture of a couple so deeply in love. may the Lord bless them always and their kids and those people who are eaten by hatred and envy in their hearts.


Oh for pete's sake there is a lot of natiness expressed here. Seriously so you got dumped and so spreading vitriol and hate is the way you wanna get over it, ahhhhh well I guess thats your problem, well a problem for a lot of you lol. What makes me really laugh is the 'holy trinity' could'nt give a shit, and the tabloids and shysters out there are rubbing their hands together with glee every time they create a new and bogus headline. Ladies it's time to growup and move on!


I personally can't wait until it's over between these two! I totally agree with Alisa, the home wrecking whore does not deserve to be happy with Brad!! Hey Angelina...we all know you're a whore and you always will be.


i love branglina!!! they have a beauitful family & great careers they are the best !!!


Alisa, I AGREE with you. but, I also heard that when Mr.& Mrs. Smith was going into production that they had a different girl to play the part Angelina played but it was BRAD who requested Angelina play the part. I heard that on the news but only once, then it was Hush Hush. so, brad is as much the blame and I would like to see them split. Jennifer has been STRONG through it all. YOU GO JEN!!! make Brad eat his heart out. You looked great at the Golden Globe Awards. Whos Your Daddy now brad.


I think the split rumors were a PR stunt. Brad and Angelina are phenomenal media manipulator according to Ian Halperin, author of "Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie" and the couple seems way too comfortable with the split rumors. Normally they try to convince us that they're happy with their gratuitous PDA.


jen helps in third world countries and also with st. judes, a research institution here in the U.S, at least SOME people know that we need help here as well as in other countries. she just isn't a media whore and doesn't go around so that the tabloids watch her write checks to charities. angelina is far from sexy, she looks like a vampire, with big bug eyes, a pointy chin, and ears that stick out, and her arms and legs look like they're disappearing into nothing, her body is completely disgusting. i can't believe some people still think a woman's value comes from how many babies they can make, that's so backwards. the real person who lost is angelina, cuz now she's stuck with a self-centered, two-timing idiot like brad. angelina could still do better.

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