Shocker: Redmond O'Neal Arrested For Drugs

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If he keeps up this frantic pace, Redmond O'Neal will be positioned to join the holy trinity of celebrity drug offenders along with legends DMX and Pete Doherty.

How these guys are ever not in jail is baffling, but it looks like Red's luck may have run out after eight months of staying clean (or at least avoiding arrest).

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At his court-ordered drug-and-alcohol treatment center, the son of the late Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal has yet again been arrested on felony charges.

The latest bust went down on December 29, when O'Neal returned to the facility (this is his fourth go-round in rehab) after earning a 24-hour free pass.

He used that pass to score some drugs, apparently.

Redmond O'Neal is not smart. Or clean.

Redmond O'Neal appeared in court this morning for his latest probation violation, and was ordered to remain jailed until his February 2 sentencing.

In the meantime, O'Neal will serve 30 days in a lockdown rehab program, Los Angeles District Attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison tells E! News.

Last April, the troubled addict was caught carrying narcotics through a security checkpoint while visiting a friend in ... wait ... wait for it ... jail.

Wow. That's about as intelligent as driving under the influence and crashing a car into a tree. Oops, sorry Tiger Woods. And Jayson Williams.


What is it about these young people who have no purpose except to do drugs and get high? Brittany Murphy, Casey Johnson, the celebs who are constantly in rehab?---I think too much money--just like Tiger. It really isn't a hedonistic world---rather we should show moderation and some control in our actions. I feel sorry for this young guy and hope he realizes his actions resulted in consequences---yet once again.


This young man need help really bad, He nedds to be in rehab with no out side access for at least a year or more, otherwise Ryan is going to loose his son way too soon. He is a troubled boy/man. We can pray for him and get God to try and move him in the right direction. God Bless you Redmond.


What a loser. Heck I guess if I looked like him I'd be a druggie to.Lock him up throw away the key!!!


it's soo sad and unfortunate he continues to abuse himself with drugs. I went through a very challenging time with my oldest son ( now 26) who only just this year FINALLY hit a bottom..thought he was truly going to die..and has been truly clean and sober without a "rehab" program for 4-5 months now. He was willing to try a novel way of healing old wounds ( which is at the heart of much self inflicted abuse, I believe) and I feel with this continued approach and support he will remain clean and sober. Redmond seems like a very sad and confused young man, I hope he somehow locates the assistance that will support him be free from the drug madness.


Just look at the photo...does that look like a 24yr old? Why does,'t someone just set up a buffet for him?


This guy must be as dumb as he looks!


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