Sarah and Bristol Palin Choose Life, Pimping Babies

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and teenage daughter Bristol Palin both chose to have babies under tough circumstances. The decisions they made were honorable.

Posing with their sons on the cover of In Touch? Not so much!

It's hard to imagine a major political figure deciding it's smart to appear on the cover of a celebrity gossip magazine - a C-grade one at that - for credibility's sake.

This is not a sexist remark. We'd scratch our heads if Barack Obama were on the cover too ... next to Angie's "dangerous pregnancy" and Rachel Zoe's "scary diet" ...

They Chose Life

Bristol and Sarah Palin chose life ... and big paychecks!

Bristol Palin didn’t know what she was in for when Levi Johnston hit it without protection and knocked her up in 2008. But she gave birth to Tripp in December 2008.

Just a year earlier, at the age of 44, Sarah Palin carried her son Trig to term, even after she was told during a sonogram that he would be born with Down syndrome.

Now, the mother and daughter are sharing a unique experience - raising their baby boys together under the same roof and telling this fine publication all about it.

“The last few years have been unreal and surreal,” Sarah tells In Touch.

From our vantage point, we couldn't agree more.

Bristol Palin, Nude Tripp Johnston

Tripp sure is a cutie! And looks like Levi!


Bathing in a sink? -- sure I did it with all 3 of my children -- much safer than leaning over a tub! Once the baby is too strong to bathe in a plastic, unstable tub but are too young to balance themselves in a bathtub it is easier to handle the baby and keep her/him safe in a nice clean sink. Actually there is a lot to be commended for her choice to have a baby and to be committed to raising it. There is NO shame -- millions of girls who get pregnant either choose to kill the fetus or to "keep" it while they continue bouncing from one sexual partner to another and fail to provide a healthy environment for the baby. Politics shouldn't be an issue here but I think many of the posts are simply those who didn't vote for the McCain-Palin ticket - and are carrying over their political beliefs in their comments here.


This article is about choosing life and these commenters complain about them parading their babies. Any other article about any other mother talking about choosing life would have a picture of mother and baby, but if it's Sarah Palin...oooooohhh it's soooo bad! What a bunch of hypocrites! Including this author, with the title "pimping babies." Sarah and Bristol are celebrities now and are in a position to help others. That is what they are doing here. All the complainers here are either drinking Kool-Aid or riding the hate wagon, or likely, both. Sad, sad, sad. I applaud Sarah and Bristol for trying to make a difference in this world. What have you done lately? Oh, except complain....


"Leave my family alone." Ha ha ha ha ha.


When are they going to admit that Tripp & Trig are brothers?


lizz Says: January 14th, 2010 12:34 PM Yes, the baby is cute but lets focus on the real issue here - why the hell is she bathing him in a sink?!
Lizz,,,,,,,,,,,I think that is part of the selling strategy,Palin wants to look like she has a typical Joe six pack kind of family. After all the millions she made from her book. Only idiots would buy such an act.


Bristol Palin's story proves that abstinence doesn't work. Also, her claim she won't have sex until after she's married doesn't make sense. She's already DAMAGED goods with a baby in tow. Instead of parading their babies around like trophies they should be ashamed. It's stories like this that glamorize teen pregnancy. Shame on Sarah Palin, she is not being a good role model or mother.


Is this woman for real? She asks for privacy and wants people to leave her family alone, yet she keeps trying to profit from them. The gullible Fox news audience seems to be clueless about this obvious fact. Palin's Fox news (tabloid cable news network) pep-rallies continue on a nightly basis while numb-skull believers follow along like sheep


Cute baby! But is it already pouting for the cameras? Gotta start early!


The roundest peg in the roundest hole EVER - Sarah Palin as a
Fox News commentator!

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