Sammi Giancola & Ronnie Magro Still Together Even After Live Jersey Shore Reunion Breakup

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Jersey Shore's Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro got together early in the show's inaugural season. The pair proceeded to fight and break up a lot.

The live reunion after the Jersey Shore season finale was no exception. Ronnie and Sammi got into a big fight and swore this split was for real, too.

Not so much - they're back on!

Ronnie Magro became enraged after viewing never-before-seen footage of Sammi in bed, having a heart-to-heart, with The Situation on the reunion.

But co-star Snooki (a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi) says it only lasted a day: "They got back together two hours later. You never know with them," Snooks sez.

Sammi Giancola, Ronnie Magro

Ronnie and Sammi from Jersey Shore sure keep it interesting.

Despite fighting and breaking up around the clock, and Ronnie's propensity for kicking people's asses on the boardwalk, Sammi and he seem perfect together.

She's proclaimed herself the sweetest bitch you will ever meet, and he's clearly a juiced-up hothead with a heart of gold ... mostly. A match made in heaven.

Or at least Seaside Heights.

As for their co-star, Nicole Polizzi says her own love life is picking up these days, as some blogs have linked her to an unlucky, tan "guido" named Emilio.

Asked about the rumored romance, she said: "What the hell? How does that get out so fast? He's just a friend. We're hanging out but nothing serious."

Still, she can't help but add, "He's my guido. He's my type."


i think ronni and sam are bad ass but damn sam is so hot ? they should not separete because it would not be the same in jersey shore . ronnie your bad ass bro your awsome


ronnie and sammi should get back together for season 4 they are a bad ass couple love them. mike is so freaken bad ass and pauly hes cool i love them all.


ronnie and sammi shlund get back on season 4 thats all


ok i was not really intererested in jersy shore but whn sammi left i started watching more.. and more it was interesting i know they have there ups and downs but they are ment to be i was crying at the finale.samm and ronn wrnt together i would love to meat them but afraid not all those ppl on jersy shore are beasts but sam and ron stood out to me and thr are rumers sayin tht sammi is pregnet with mikes baby i doubt tht thy hate each othr she wuldnt evn hug him and the pics so her with black hair i la well any way thr beats stfu!And ppl are just seriously jelous bcuz shes got sumthin goin with ronn!




I think what Sammi did was right.. but i think the show will lose a lot of viewers....


Everybody needs to stay out of Ron and Sammi's relationship, maybe they will get back together maybe not its their decision not yours.... so just let them be. Sit back and Enjoy the ride;) i know we all hope they get back together, and yes what ron did to sam was wrong but he actually tried to go to another room and she just kept following so in the end they were both wrong...


stop hating on sammi. look what ronni did to her. he broke her into no way was that okay. my heart goes out to sammi


First off u girls who r slamming sammie should be ashamed of urselves! Seriously u think what ronnie did was right? Yes she constantly brings it up when they fight, but guess what I'm 27 yrs old and when I was 18 I was hurt and guess what I still am effected by it. Its not about getting over it its about learning from it. All I can say is grow up! She finally stood up for herself, all the times he made her cry n now he is crying. Karma is a bitch! This is the prob with freedom of speech, u b*tches don't kno wut ur talkin about!
Deuces... =)


Ron you're wasting your young life on an emotionally bankrupt drama queen (she's not nearly a royal I might add.) You'll kill yourself trying to fill the bottomless void that is Sammi. Her imagined woes are endless and hers alone. You're missing a blast with your mates. And coming across as a skirt. What for? Sammi didn't patent the 'pouka.' Have a look around, there's still a few out there. She's attractive, but not gorgeous. She's sullen, manipulative, a buzz kill and an emotional vampire. Just to name a few. This is a quick glimpse into your future Ron....long after Sam's average, time consuming looks have faded, will a quick roll in the hay be worth a lifetime of this? Me thinks not.

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