Rumored Couple Alert: Rihanna and Matt Kemp

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Rihanna was hit by her boyfriend in 2009. Matt Kemp hit 26 home runs for the Los Angeles Dodgers. According to recent rumors, they're hitting it off together!

A new report says RiRi rang in the New Year in Dubai with her new beau, who is more than ready and willing to help her shed her troubled relationship past.

Hollywood Life cites a source who says Matt Kemp followed Rihanna to Abu Dhabi for a gig in the United Arab Emirates. There, they were seen getting cozy.

Rihanna and Matt are starting to get serious – he even followed her to Dubai for New Year's,” an insider said. “Rihanna likes him because he’s a gentleman."

"And very sexy too!"

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Is Matt Kemp circling the bases with Rihanna?

A sexy gentleman he may be, but we can tell you for a fact they were not in Dubai on New Year's Eve. This is because we know exactly where Rihanna was:

Times Square. On live television, performing with Jay-Z.

Not very good intel from this "source," if Rihanna was seen in the most visible spot on the planet. Unless we're supposed to believe they are in Dubai now.

We're gonna go with a resounding no on whether we buy this. But hey, it makes for fun Rihanna gossip when she's linked to a random pro athlete every so often.

Right, Rashard Lewis?


She tink she too good for jah mon. yella heffa


Seems like Rihanna's people are calling up men and begging them to date her for publicity, just like they begged Chris right before the incident. No man with any smarts will date her. She should be with a caribbean man like Beanie Man. Her equal.


Rhonda. Matt isn't trying to be ther next A-Rod nor Jeter. He's doing his job as a professional baseball player.


Rihanna performing in Times Square was not live. I thought everyone knew that.


Yeah, that New Year's Eve performance WAS taped ealier and she WAS in Dubai New Year's. I don't think Matt Kemp was with her though. The pic from the airport shows her LEAVING L.A., not coming back from Dubai. He may have caught a plane with her out of L.A. or maybe not. i hope she is just friends with this guy! I read some things about him and he seems like he's seeking the limelight. He wants to be the next A-Rod or Jeter type. If Rihanna thought Chris Brown had women throwing themselves at him, she aint seen nothing yet.


tmz reported that rihanna and jay z recorded the preformance days before new years like.. last week.

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