Rozlyn Papa: The Bachelor Set Me Up!

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On last night's episode of The Bachelor, Rozlyn Papa emerged as a favorite to win Jake Pavelka's heart ... only to be kicked off the show an hour later.

Accused of having an "inappropriate relationship" with a producer, she was informed by host Chris Harrison on Monday's episode that she's outta here.

In an interview with Richmond's 103.7 FM, Roz again spoke out about the incident, denying that any sex or even making out took place with a staffer.

While (somewhat) bound by confidentiality agreements, Rozlyn Papa says the show threw her under the bus and there's more to this than we know.

Check out the station's interview with Rozlyn below, then vote in our survey and tell us who you believe, the 28-year-old model or the show's brass ...

Who do you believe in this Bachelor scandal?


Maybe they should do a reality show for that. SSSSSS oh yeah, I forgot, that is the Bachelorette


Wait a second here. Let's do the math, Jake, gets to make out and screw all of these women before he decides which one he'll marry. But they have to devote themselves all to him, and no one else. All these women have to play the unjealous, all forgiving stepford wife. Sounds a little chauvanistic to me. Whatever!!!!!!! And seriously, Michelle,...... psycho!!!!!!!!!!! I love the show, gets a good laugh outta me. Go Roz Go. I hope you did sleep with him, and I hope it was good, after all, you are a single, dating woman who can chose to do whatever the hell you want. What if Jake wasn't the guy for her anyway. What if she was better off with the "staffer" Maybe they should do a reality show for that. $$$$$$


you can cry on my shoulder Roz!! email me.


I'd believe a one time reality show contestant over a person that would actually host this crap anayday.


When all is said and done, these "couples" never last! It is good for Roz to get some "exposure"- (wait for the Playboy offer!). It would not be such a shocker to find out that it was a ploy. My nephew is a Hollywood insider (screenwriter/producer) with real credentials who said that "Reality shows are the best for networks because they are cheap to produce and pure profit!" ABC wants to keep its' cash cow pumping!


Ill belive her story when pigs fly!!!


come on guys I belive her


I think she is more Tiger Wood's type, not Jake's.


can i get her number? that is the real problem here.

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