Rozlyn Papa Bashes The Bachelor, Denies Sexual Affair with Crew Member

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Following shocking Bachelor spoilers about her alleged hookup with a crew member, Rozlyn Papa has come forward to deny rumors of "inappropriate behavior."

"I did not have a sexual relationship with a producer on the show," the 28-year-old model, who is believed to be get the boot next week, told Radar Online.

Promos for The Bachelor tease (and ABC has even sort of addressed) the scandal that will lead to the dismissal of a contestant on the January 11 episode.

But Rozlyn Papa insists she did nothing wrong.

"What they mean by inappropriate relationship is not what inappropriate relationship means in the real world," she said. "I did have a relationship with someone on [The Bachelor] that didn't benefit them. We remained close but we are not dating."

"This is a TV show and made for entertainment, but it is a far cry from reality," Rozlyn continued. "I know that things on television weren't always as they seemed, but I really had no idea the extent of the show manipulation."

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COME TO PAPA: You'd get a rose from us any day, Rozlyn!

A couple of days ago, ABC dropped the bomb that an unnamed female contestant had an "inappropriate relationship" with one of The Bachelor's producers.

We hear the single mom became livid with the show for not letting her talk to her son, and the "affair" was manufactured as a means of cutting her loose.

Sources say Rozlyn Papa did become close with a producer on the reality show, and that he even admitted feelings for her. But nothing actually happened.

As usual, the network will use crafty editing to make the situation appear worse than it actually was, and is issuing vague statements about the episode:

"It was an incident that we've never had to deal with before. It was tough for everyone, crew members, the women and Jake," host-pimp Chris Harrison said.

"Hopefully we can quickly move past this and it won't dominate the season. But definitely everyone will see what happens." Yes, definitely everyone will.

He did not mention Rozlyn Papa by name.

For her part, Roz says she has no regrets about her conduct, and certainly has nothing against the show's star, hunky pilot Jake Pavelka: "He is SO cute!"

UPDATE: The episode in which Rozlyn was kicked off The Bachelor has now aired (as of January 11). Who do you believe, her or the show? Vote below:


Steve... I don't understand why you're sticking up this ho. You can take your 10 paragraph essay and shove it. Everything you said goes out the window as soon as Rozlyn said "[my personal life is my own business]" in a bitchy, defensive tone to host Chris Harrison when he confronts her. All of America knows. There's nothing to speculate. You aren't the staffer she banged, are you?


Dear KeepOpenMind, sorry... but producers in this town and on a National Network get paid big $$$ - in this economy I DOUBT anyone would cop to "falling" for someone if nothing had actually happened between them. Wake up and smell the coffee! What a crock on shit.


This whole show is based on "inappropriate behavior" so what the f++k


Well from what I have seen on all the shows, they are about selling ass, so why get upset about someone giving it away!


Agreed Teresa - 10 to 1 the producer laid the pipe on that village bicycle....she is ridiculously good looking though


Rozlyn is gorgeous and she knows it. So are many other women on the show. But, Rozlyn flaunted her body by putting her arms under her breasts and pushing them up, bending over in front of Jake flashing her cleavage, hanging all over him in the hot tub with other girls in there, and when it was her turn to talk to him she strutted out in a bikini and cocked her hip to one side as to tell the girl with Jake to hit the high road. Psychologically speaking, this girl will do whatever it takes including using her body to get what she wants. She may be beautiful, but she's trouble. Most guys would like to get it and leave in her case. She's not worth sticking around for.


This woman was a flake anyway. Beauty fades stupid last forever. Good Bye!


lol...really, put your number out there for the world to see, not smart....See the "Contact Us" link, below?? Yeah, that one, that is the link you use to send out personal messages and contact info....


You are illegally using this image and need to contact me immediately. This is a copyrighted image. Eagle Eye Photography
804 389 9114


Um holy HOTNESS. Maybe this is why Jake goes on that tirade in the promo.

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