Rosie O'Donnell Tears Into Jay Leno

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Seriously, is anyone on Team Jay?!?

While David Letterman and other talk show hosts have made their feelings known on Leno and the NBC late-night mess, other celebrities are now speaking out. Take it away, Rosie O'Donnell!

"It was a really crappy move on Leno's part," the former View co-host said. "Conan moved his family across the country and his entire staff to get a shot at what he worked 17 years for only to get it taken away by the bully on the playground who doesn't want to let go."

Rosie vs. Jay

Earlier this week, Leno pleaded innocence, as if he had no idea this was in the works at NBC. He even, mysteriously, told viewers not to blame Conan O'Brien for what's going on.

But Rosie thinks Jay should come clean and stop pretending to be America's male sweetheart.

"I think in the old days of show biz you can claim ignorance. But today with the internet, no way. There's no way people are going to buy the crap anymore."

Is anyone out there buying it? We're certainly not. Leno should have walked away years ago.


Jay Leno is a douchebag. He has never been funny. His jokes are the equivalent of what you'd hear at an elementary school playground. He won't give up because as long as their are morons to support him he'll have a job at NBC and never have to face the fact that he'd never get another job anywhere else.


Rosie is right. Jay ruined Conan's chance by staying on the air, doing a similar version of the tonight show leading into Conan's shwo and then pretending it was just business as usual. No Jay, Johnny didn't want you in his chair but he had the decency to retire and stay off the air and let you have Friends, LA Law, Seinfeld and such, the highest rated shows bring the audience to you, where you faltered and sucked until Hugh Grant made you famous. You suck, Jay, no wonder everybody despies you.


Leno has never been funny. The innocence act is only thing he does that is laughable. He pulled the same routine(READ The Late Shift)on Carson.


It seems that everyone(talent/people in showbiz) in the know other than Seinfeld suggest that Leno is a scumbag. I have yet to hear anything specific from a "Leno Fan" that they can say is an orginal/funny/creative bit that they tune in for.


Rosie is always accusing other people of behaving badly, but in reality, she's just as bad if not worse. Donald Trump is a saint compared to Rosie.


If anyone thinks Leno handled this well please explain how. He seems to be very passive aggressive.


Please explain what Jay Leno has done as a talk show host that is funny and/or original?


Jay Leno is the King of Late night and it was NBC who decided to replace him and it did not work. I thought that Conan would last no more than a year and I was right. Poor Rosie needs to worry about herself; nobody can stand her she is just jealous nobody wants her on tv anymore. Maybe she should try bashing Donald Trump again, that got her far. Do us a favor Rosie shut up and please keep your creepy self off of tv.


I'm on Team Jay. Let's do as always and ignor the foolish rantings of Rosie and look at the facts of the case instead. Jay Leno was the host of the Tonight Show when Conan's contract was up for renewl about 2005'ish. The only way Conan would stay on NBC at that point was if they promised him the Tonight Show. The people at NBC could not offer Conan anything eles as he was dead set on being a 'bully' about pushing Jay out the door. I call this whole recent event - KARMA! As for 'bullies' I guess Rosie would side with one as her and Conan are just unfunny hot heads who want to push people around to get there way then twist words to make themselves look like Victums.

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