Rosie O'Donnell Gushes About Tracy Kachtick-Anders

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Rosie O'Donnell has spoken out about new girlfriend Tracy Kachtick-Anders.

On her Sirius XM radio show yesterday, the former talk show host described the new woman in her life  as a "lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely person."

Referring to her relationship with the an artist and mother of six, Rosie said it was "yummy. I love it all ... It's almost too good to be true!"

Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck has to be happy to hear that O'Donnell has found love once again. Okay, maybe not.


O'Donnell added that she's shocked the pair has received the amount of attention that's come their way since they were seen holding hands in Miami December 29.

"I had no idea that it would be on CNN," Rosie said, mocking a news anchor: "'Rosie has a new girlfriend – tonight at 6.'"

In October, O'Donnell announced a split from long-time partner Kelli Carpenter. Reports said Kelli had moved out a long time ago.

"We have different styles of living," Rosie later explained to Howard Stern. "I'm very messy. She's very not."


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Art really is in the eye of the beholder- you may like it, you may not. I just think it's funny that the thousands of website repeating the same copy have refered to Ms Anders as a professional artist. She's not- but she looks like she paints herself over and over again; just like the doula thing. Check her doula website for that. Says she's in training to be a doula. And her foundation/nonprofit for foster kids- I can't find any real information about how many people are actually helped or how it's funded. I admire the motherhood of special needs kids, but me thinks that Rosie's pr team is polishing up Rosie's image with some good lookin' eye candy. Hope it's worth it, for the kids sake.


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