Robert Pattinson Talks Tyler, Looks Hot

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Twilight Saga fans are in for a major shock this spring: Robert Pattinson will appear on the big screen in a very un-Edward-like role.

As Tyler in Remember Me, Pattinson fights with his (human) father, deals with a tragedy and falls for a blonde.

The actor spoke about the role in a new interview, explaining what drew him to the character:

“I remember reading the script and thinking that I like the flow of the dialogue. It was just different and in a lot of ways, other lead male characters in other films seem like just a vessel: naive and ridiculously innocent, so audiences could feel along with him. But Tyler didn’t feel like that."

While this drastic change to Robert's on-screen persona might be jarring, have no fear: the guy is still smokin hot. As proof, we present a pair of recently-leaked outtakes from a photo shoot with Entertainment Weekly:

EW Outtake

Because it's always more fun to look at Pattinson than merely read his quotes, check out the aforementioned interview below.


Romantic Fool: your name says it all,you are definitely that,a fool.
Crawl back under the rock you came from.


Romantic Fool: Angry much?


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...Rob's charm, personality, humbleness, shyness and unusual looks appeals to many of us. He has lovely eyes, a sexy grin, great jawline, incredible bone structure and combination of cuteness and handsomeness. He looks a little like Elvis from the side and has a really unusual profile and old style movie looks. Peter O'Toole/Jude Law thing. Watch his interviews on You Tube from 2008 and his self-effacing and funny, genuine way with win over most people. He is always kind to the fans and is not full of himself. He is beloved for his talent and his personality. Rob is interested in doing good movies that make a difference and not in being a star. What people don't realize about him is that he not a lady killer. He is a romantic, shy, awkward well brought up young man who just needs to get more confidence. He is amazing and really has more talent than he knows.


to: for-real-tho. Why are you on this site with your negative comments. Could everyone else be wrong and you be right? I smell a very jealous person. Get off the site unless you can be a fan of Rob's.


Sorry Jasmin but calling someone stupid for having an honest opinion is mean. Not everyone finds this guy attractive and if they don't it doesn't mean they are stupid. I don't think he's ugly but I don't see the hottness either. He's got a big forehead, sort of a smushed nose and his eyes a bit cold and freaky looking. I agree with for real tho, he does have a frankenstein look about him IMO, I have a thing about eyes and his scare me, they aren't attractive. But again, opinion and I am allowed to have one. Just as the one's who adore him are allowed to.


you people are nuts.
he is not ugly - but he is far from gorgeous. kstew is the hotter one in the relationship.


Oh ya, and the hair and scruffy is so in and cool right now....keep it that way Rob! Don't are gorgeous!


He is the most beautiful guy that has come along in DECADES!!! Anyone that thinks he's not is just stupid! He is hotter than any male celeb out there now, even hotter than Brad Pitt was in his hay-day. BIG TIME! Rob, you just keep goin and doin your thing and ignore ANYONE that disses you. I think his acting will grow and one day he will be recognized by the academy....the right part one day will catapult him over the top. P.S. I don't think I've ever seen such long fingers on a GOD! Those fingers are HOTTTT!!!!!


Robert is SMOKING HOT!!!! Anyone who speaks otherwise is either blind or dumb!!!


he is not attractive, at all...he tries too hard to be scruffy, is weird..take the pomade out of your tussed up hair and get a trim, already...he should really look into doing the next frankenstein pic....he's a natural frankenstein

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