Robert Pattinson: Bearded... and Beautiful?

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Even with a cigartte dangling from his lips, most people agreed Robert Pattinson still looked beautiful.

But will that opinion change now that the Twilight Saga star has debuted a new look?

Soon after walking away from his appearance on Friday night's Hope for Haiti telethon, Pattinson was spotted in a full beard. The facial hair is quite a departure from the fresh-faced vampire with whom movie fans have fallen in love.

Take a look at Robert's bushy side below and let us know your take on it:

  • Fully Bearded
  • Very Bushy

Do you like Robert Pattinson with a beard?



The poor guy is probably sick to death of clean cut pasty faced, eyebrow waxed Edward... good on him for being himself!
Love it.. think of us oldies... it makes him look older so we don't feel quite so immoral for admiring him.


has anyone ever consider that he is growing his beard for a new movie role? it will make him look more mature for the role. i love rob, he is gorgeous!!!


I still heart Rob with the beard because he's still Rob and the "phase" will pass eventually but I think it kind of makes him look like a lumber jack.


he is still hot. i dont care if he has a beard and no feet i love him any way....lov ya rob


With or without the beard he is drop dead GORGEOUS but he is so much more than just insanely beautiful. He is also incredibly talented and has such a sweet and soulful personality. He is really one of a kind and I hope that Hollywood and superstardom never changes him.


i believe there two main groups Robert's fan base includes. the first one judges him by his appearance/acting skills/singing skills whatever..the second one doesn't judge him at all. this one takes him with or without, looking bad or good, getting older, drunk or smoking. nothing will blind them, they always will see only his celestial beauty and great personality, great singing and acting ability. i"m belonging to the second group. that's why i really think he shouldn't try his fans patience, i'm selfish i want other people see only the best of him. don't we feel the same way when our husbands/boyfriends don't care about their appearance? don't they think it's none of our business sometimes? aren't they stubborn, the men we love?
so i"m voting for shaving..but i know it's his choice and he can do whateverhe wants with his hair.


Oh and my comment was for Nadia on page 1....


No,the truth doesn't hurt in this instance, cos that is just your opinion of him, which is fa a ar from the truth....Rob could wear a potato sack and he will still be divine.......and THAT is the TRUTH!!!


I think it`s beatiful wihout a beard he is still beautiful!!!!! I love you rob*


Nadia, beauty is relative so you can't say the truth hurts. also there are so many people out there who admire (and adored) him physically. i am not a fan of his really but i think it is really so cruel for you to say "the truth" ACCORDING TO YOU...

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