Robert Pattinson: A Bad Role Model?

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The effect Robert Pattinson has on his young fans is clear.

They scream in the streets for him; they camp out for days to attend his movie premieres; they buy posters, shirts and all kinds of apparel with his face on it; they help him sky-rocket to the A-list and be considered for a new franchise lead.

In short, whether Pattinson asks for it or whether he deserves it, this fact is undeniable: he influences million of people.

With that in mind, it's difficult to not be taken aback when looking at a couple outtakes from the actor's photo shoot with Wonderland Magazine. These never made it into the publication, but Pattinson didn't know that would be the case when he stuck a lit cigarette into his mouth and posed for them:

Is Robert well within his rights to smoke? Of course.

But was it really necessary to do so as part of a pictorial that would be viewed around the world? Unless Pattinson was trying to prove that even he's capable of looking ugly, we say no, not at all. It was a dumb decision.

What do you say? Does smoking in such a manner make Pattinson a bad role model?



This is one of my all-time favorite photos of him. So Sexy!


He's looking good with that hairstyle. But The Twilight style is better :)


Who cares. It's not like kids look at him, sees he smokes, and then go smoke themselves. We can't shelter them from the world. Who gives a fuck, let the guy smoke whenever he wants to smoke.


I think it's normal. it's just for some shoots. even if he does smoke, it doesn't matter. it's our (fans) decisions to or not to follow those pictures of him. the smart fans will not follow, the smart-ass fans will follow..
just decide which side you're in :)


Omg you're really going to say he's a bad role model because the magazine want him to smoke on a shoot?
So unbelievably pathetic don't you think?
Instead of having a pissy fit about Robert Pattinson smoking.
Why don't you take a look at the celebs that really ARE bad role models.
Not someone who simply smokes.
And as for the fan addiction.
It's not like he makes them do that.
They just do.
So sue him :)


It's not the only one that's he's posed with a cig for, not that it really matters. People who are influenced to smoke because some guy from a movie does it deserve what they get.


i think its just normal to smoke as long as he will smoke at the right place. but hes hot when you look at him......hope that it will not influence his fans.


He looks really hot when he's smoking. I hope he doesn't negatively influence anyone.


Really? People need to get over that some people smoke. It's bad for you, yes, same as drinking- but if he had a beer in his hand it'd be no big deal. I never thought he was hot, but after seeing twilight, I get it. But we like his CHARACTER not HIM as a person, it's hard for some people to separate the two.


ok i have to say this Robert Pattinson is British the way they think wat is right or not is not the same as ours. To say he is ugly is rude...even if you really don't think he is good looking, that was rude. How would you feel if someone said your ugly for writing articles? Or for something u drink, eat, or wear? Come on, be respectful ok? Is this magazine for adults or teens or kids? RIGHT adults, if you want to go there look at alot of other Celeb getting naked and posing. All he did was light a ciggerette. Get fucking real! Jealous much or what?

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