Rihanna: I Do Not Have Herpes!

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Rihanna is not pleased with celebrity gossip sites insinuating that a nasty disease was the reason ex-boyfriend Chris Brown smashed her face to a pulp last year.

In an interview with GQ, she addressed rumors that Brown lashed out at her after spotting a cold sore on her lip - a common sign of the STD known as herpes.

Now dating Matt Kemp, Rihanna wants the record set straight, noting that the alleged cold sore is actually just a facial scar she has had for most of her life.

"It's not true," she said of the herpes rumor, and her tone was far from light-hearted. "It's just a f**king scar. On my lip. That's there every day of my life."

Well that settles that. Not that you can even see it ...

No Herpes Here

Rihanna has set the record straight. She does not, nor did she ever have herpes. She does, however, have kind of a dude's haircut. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]


People who 'supposedly' have herpes. Rihanna has herpes. Brad pitt has herpes. David beckham has herpes. Paris Hilton has herpes. Mariah Carey has herpes. Jessical alba has herpes. DAVID JETER has herpes. Janet jackson has herpes. It's all over the internet. Just google it up. Again. This information is on the internet.

@ roxy

Everything on the Internet is not true. Heck, there are fake Internet websites with malware


Man she totally has herpes she got it from that baseball player Jeeter or whatever his name is. The internet said so and showed pics of it. He was giving it out like free samples. AHAHAHA! She has herpes!


That whore do got herpes do you see those sores on her lips... Yeah it hard to believe but they have proof on her plus she dont care she giving it to everybody she wants to sleep with so chris and rihanna need to stay together because they both got herpes


Y'all some stupid ass bitches, I dun eva qet on siqhts like this, unless I'm bored af. I know y'all qot ta be some bored ass niqqers! (: lmao. Lame ass folks, some of y'all probably have tha shit too!!


Rihanna iz Nice, Clean and the Bess No matter how much peepl try to lie to make her look bad she still iz famous, so put all the lies behind you and pick on beyonce or sum1 else who iz nott on her FUCKING Level


People yhall need to sit down and get off of that womens case that's not any body place to tell the whole world that she has herpes if she do she do if not leave here a lone get off line and move on oh chris brown hit me up @ 2818963061


toda pessoa portadora do vírus da herpes tem a obrigação de informar ao seu parceiro que é portadora da doença.


all of yall sittin here on this shit tlkin bout ppl an tryin to make her feel good news flash quit bein fake an leave dem da fuk alone cuz i,m pretty sure dey are tired of yall fukin with there lives dats there bussiness so there for unless you know dem for a fact chill out sit back an relax an stay da fuk out of there business.


I.don't think she got herpes applied do hate she is kinda weird looken with. That hair cut ow well she is still beautiful any way


Giggidy fuckin goo Wana be beat that bitch like you I'ma go eat sum papoo skeet skeet

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