Rielle Hunter-John Edwards Sex Tape: Real, Likely Shopped Around By Andrew Young

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Andrew Young, John Edwards’ former campaign aide, confidant and co-conspirator, has made some shocking allegations about the politician in his new book.

Most notably, Young claims in The Politician that he found a John Edwards sex tape, showing the ex-Senator hitting it with his mistress, Rielle Hunter. Blech.

That's scandalous enough, but in an unexpected new twist, reports are surfacing that Young was trying to profit from a sale of the John Edwards sex tape.

“He was exploring options for the tape,” said a source close to the situation. “He had spoken to people about possible financial deals involving the tape.”

Andrew Young says he found the tape in the trash and it was marked “special.” Other sources say he was given the tape by Edwards and asked to hide it.

Either way, the Edwards sex tape remained with Young after Edwards admitted the affair with Rielle Hunter, and Young supposedly explored marketing it.

John and Andrew

Rielle Hunter’s face is never shown on tape, though it is clear John is with a pregnant woman "wearing a bracelet" and a "thumb ring" typically worn by her. Oooookay.

Even more shockingly, today, Hunter won a temporary restraining order Friday prohibiting Young from disseminating the tape, implying he still has the thing.

She has sought an injunction demanding the very "personal video recording that depicted matters of a very private and personal nature" be returned to her.

Who knows if Andrew Young still has the tape or really tried to sell it, but as Edwards' lies began to unravel, he eventually turned on his boss in a big way.

But back in 2007, Young was so trusted by Edwards and believed in him so fervently, he claimed to be the father of Rielle's daughter (who is really John's).

Lying for Edwards used to be his purpose in life. Today on Good Morning America, answering machine messages left by Edwards on his phone were played.

In one, Edwards explains how he might sound different sometimes. Follow the jump to hear John Edwards' conspiring with Andrew Young via voicemail ...

"Andrew, it’s John,” Edwards said, plotting his cover-up. “I am gonna leave you this message just in case you get a call from me asking, ‘What's going on?’"

"The reason we're calling is because Elizabeth's standing there. So if I call saying, ‘What happened? How did this happen?’ - that's because Elizabeth's standing there."

Young says over $1 million was used to cover up the affair and pregnancy on behalf of Edwards. Simply stunning. Here's ABC's segment on it:


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LIghten up people, yes, Edwards is beyond wrong and a reckless fool taking his career and his family down with him by his destructive and dysfunctional behavior. But we all need to look at this for what it is, another rich and powerful man who gets deluded into thinking he can pull off such a stunt! He got lost in his own ego and now he's paying the ultimate price, public shame and scorn. At the end of the day, this is a private matter and I long for the days when this stuff was kept swept under the rug. He didn't get elected to any official position thank God! So lets forget about him and allow this family the privacy they are afforded in the USA.


btw I also HATE this asshole and agree he should be jailed if he embezzled any money. Others have gone to jail for way less! When will people like him get what they deserve?


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Rielle is a fool. I bet there was no tape in his possession, he just assumed there would be one because she and John were indiscrete in front of him and mentioned it so he looked for one as soon as he could get into her house. He never was able to put it back together from the trash. By asking for it back, she fell into his trap and admitted there was one. What a class act. As I said before, poor baby.

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