Report: Elin Woods with Tiger in Sex Rehab

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Is Tiger Woods' estranged wife Elin visiting him in sex addiction rehab to help him make amends for his past transgressions? That's what we're hearing.

The golfer's spouse supposedly visited him at Gentle Path in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, over the weekend, though she has already returned to Orlando.


Elin Woods has spent the past several days with Tiger, participating in his treatment program for sexually compulsive behavior, according to a report.

"The marriage is definitely not over. They both want to save it," a source familiar with the situation said, and we're inclined to believe it at this point.

After all, wouldn't it be over by now if it were going to be?

Can the Woods family work this out?

Elin Woods was with Tiger in Mississippi for approximately five days and private security was hired to keep her out of sight during the golfer's recovery therapy.

While she was out of town, her twin sister and her nanny took care of the couple's two young children. Elin's twin took the kids to Sea World during that time.

It really looks like Tiger and his wife are trying to make this work.

The question is whether it's possible. Can he undo to the damage wrought by more than a dozen mistresses? Do you think he can emerge from this a better man?

Tell us: Will sex addiction rehab help Tiger?


wctw Says: well said, yeah its true that this step for Elin is not an easy step, she choose a more difficult path which will make her and Tiger face the monstrous media and many ill wishers. However, staying in the marriage in the middle of its imperfection and trying to work it out is still is the best solution. When love is there all things are possible. To those who believe in love and a real change of heart, let us keep praying for Tiger to be strong to resist temptation and so goes Elin. They will face a lot more tests along the way. May they pass all these until they grow old together and have grand kids. God bless to them and all those people who face this this similary situation. There is hope and God is a very source of endless help and love.


Not being offensive to the tabloid... I just read one e-rumour today that wrote like this "... allegedly Elin called off an alleged divorce after her alleged visit to Tiger at alledged Pine Groves Rehab..." How hilarious "accurate" and "dependable" any e-news on Tiger Woods family can be... A total of FOUR "alleged" words in just one sentence ....


Thank God they have given their marriage a chance. Divorce is quick and easy especially where money is involved but it is always wiser to think about whats best for u. Surely Tiger is not the only man who has cheated on his wife and most times its all about money and envy I would be happy if Tiger and his family worked things out and stayed loyal with his wife. I hope he is not a sex deviant person it was just temptation. This must be the last, never let other people destroy your lives think about yourselves andstay close.


Ya know once a cheater always a cheater??? She ain't all that innocent herself. I mean its all "Tiger", I say hell no it takes two if you catch my drift. Sassy Trueblood


Elin Nordegren has been a loving and loyal wife to Tiger Woods and a devoted and caring mother to their children. Tiger Woods’ emotional issues are very serious. If Elin decides to give Tiger another chance after his savage betrayal it will be because her love for him and their children is stronger than anything else. But love will not be enough to cure Tiger’s issues and the emotional demands of staying with Tiger Woods will be very high. Elin is facing a difficult decision. I hope and pray that whatever she decides will work the best for her and the children.


He needs rehab for being an obnoxious, sex-crazed pathological liar. She needs rehab for being delusional enough to think he'll ever change.


there msay be reasons other than trying to save a marriage that the injured spouse works with rehab. it may be that she herself needs to understand why and how. not to "save" the relationship, but to move forward with her own life.working thru this can strenghten her own resolve,rebuild her own sense of self worth and give her a better grasp of what she needs to protect herself in future actions.forgiving and moving on is more benefical than sense of bitterness and failure within yourself.

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