Report: Ashley Samson Rejected $200K Offer From Tiger Woods to Keep Quiet on Rachel Uchitel Affair

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Ashley Samson basically jump-started the sports scandal of the decade when she told the National Enquirer all about Tiger Woods' affair with Rachel Uchitel.

That interview likely played a role in the confrontation between Woods and his wife, resulting in his now-infamous car crash and spectacular fall from grace.

At least 10 other Tiger Woods mistresses have come out of the woodwork since, costing the golfer many endorsements, respect and possibly his marriage.

For that, Ashley Samson got $25,000, a sum she says pales in comparison to the toll it's taken on her - and to what Tiger Woods offered her to keep quiet.

In retrospect, she told the N.Y. Daily News she should have taken the $200,000 his camp offered her not to blow the whistle on Tiger and Rachel Uchitel.

Samson says her decision to talk about Tiger and Rachel resulted in plenty of mental anguish, fractured friendships and her own marriage, which ended.

Ashley Samson, left, outed Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel.

"I'm trying to get my f--king life together and repair my reputation," says Ashley Samson. "It probably would have been better (to accept the $200,000)."

"What ended up happening was a big mess."

Samson says she remains bitter about the way Rachel Uchitel trashed her during interviews once the scandal broke, saying she didn't even know Samson.

Photographs later emerged showing them together, of course.

One time, Samson was lying on a bed next to Uchitel and listening to Uchitel's steamy phone calls with Tiger, who's been married to Elin Woods since 2004.

A month later, an all-out verbal war with erupted.

Samson says she has weighed legal action against Rachel Uchitel, although she won't comment on where she currently stands on that touchy subject.

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No!!!! She's real good at getting married, and married and married again. Im an EX-HUSBAND of hers. I know all to well! and have plenty of stories to tell as well!!


Someone should look into Ashley Sampson's background. I happen to know for a for a fact that she has been married multiple times and has taken one husband down to his last of nickers!!! Her family missed her own wedding on a luxary cruise - obviously there is a story there because she's probably ripped them off, too. This hussy is not innocent by any means whatsoever. She is a maneater and is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame. She's nothing more than a high paid hooker


She didn't take thhe quick payday she was offered by Tiger himself. His transgressions were bound to become public sooner or later anyway. He's in hiding and that's where he should be--repenting and doing some soul-searching. The man needs therapy and I hope he doesn't resort to religion for it but gets good sound therapy.


and the beat goes on, or rather, the money is still flowing, the slime is still oozing and the tiger is still hiding. welcome to 2010 people


boo fucking hoo ashley. regardless of what tiger and rachel did, you deserve no sympathy for taking a quick payday to ruin their lives.


Is it just me or does Rachel's face look like a dude?

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