Paula Sladewski, Former Playboy Model, Found Dead

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Paula Sladewski has been found gruesomely murdered.

The 26-year old, a former Playboy model, has been identified by Miami authorities as the individual "burned beyond recognition" in a trash bin on Sunday.

Labeling the murderer a "monster," police are asking the public for any help they can provide on tracking down the culprit.

"It's so horrific. It's a dastardly act," North Miami police spokesman Lt. Neal Cuevas told CNN. "It's the most heinous thing that a person can do to another person."

Sladewski hails from Michigan. Her boyfriend, who has not been named, is considered a person of interest because he was vacationing with her in Florida.

The couple arrived in Miami on Thursday to celebrate New Year's Eve with a Lady Gaga concert. Cuevas said Sladewski's boyfriend confirmed they went to Club Space on Saturday and remained until early Sunday morning, at which point an argument ensued.

He was thrown out of the club, Sladewski stayed, and that was the last time her boyfriend saw her alive.

Said Sladewski's sister:

"She loved life, she was full of life. She went on a lot of vacations. She was a great person. I couldn't imagine anything like this happening. We can't even give her an open casket. We can't even see her again. She did not deserve to die in this way."

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Another heinous crime in America. You can bet there was money/drugs/sex (one or more of the three) behind this action. This is why I carry a gun (legally); for my protection and that of an immediate victim. Regardless of what led up to this incident, judgement can only be made by a court of law, and last I checked, murder is not included in the sentencing guide - no matter what the circumstances were. RIP child of God.


It does not matter whether dfhdfh left that unthinkable comment for shitz/giggles or that they are just a sosiopath,its just plain evil.How would you like it if that was your mother or little sister in that dumpster.How sad for you to be so evil and heartless.All I can say for you is KARMA IS A BITCH!!! I hope they find who took this young,beautiful women's life and destroy them. My heart goes out to her family and friends.So sorry for your loss.


People are all nuts these days. i hada gf who made me crazy once. we broke up and i got a new one. didnt kill her. wtf
fair to say she chose badly. you hear about it all the time, i never understand why they dont just leave em n get a new bofriend. call the police. i dont know.
but its very sad to hear about her death.




i'm guessing she was killed another way and then burned as a way of destroying evidence?.... i'm sure they'll find the sick duma$$ who did this.


Absolutely heartbreaking...such a young, beautiful woman. Dear God in heaven, what is this world coming to! Whomever this sick individual is, I just hope he or she is caught, and executed in the same fashion as Paula was. As for dfhdhf, you're a sick, heartless, demented bastard!!!


That first post was beyond disgusting!!! What kind of people would even have such thoughts, much less actually express them??!! Maybe this "person" is the perpetrator of this heinous crime! I live a few suburbs away from this beautiful young woman's parents and it was just heartbreaking to see them on our local news. My heart goes out to them and her whole family.


Indeed this is horrible ! I do hope they find the "monster" and burn his ass alive !! IMO..When Playboy hires a new model I will assume they do a background check afterall she is representing Hugh. I forgive you dfhdfh for bad mouthing the dead its know your momma doesnt love you and lashing out feels right for


I have married a little blonde from MI and they dont really see the same dangers that exsist in a place like miami as people from here. She was really pretty its shame but ladies from the mid west please dont think your in MI we have alot of scumbags down here. Yes nice guys maybe boring but you wont wind up like this poor girl did , MI is not the way miami is by a long shot people down there play for keeps. A never hang at club that big alone. B never just meet some guy and think he is hot he is a madman. C You girls cant get crazy here like that and think it will be ok its not like that in Miami


oops, was a little upset, forgot ?, and misspelled pathetic!