Paula Sladewski, Former Playboy Model, Found Dead

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Paula Sladewski has been found gruesomely murdered.

The 26-year old, a former Playboy model, has been identified by Miami authorities as the individual "burned beyond recognition" in a trash bin on Sunday.

Labeling the murderer a "monster," police are asking the public for any help they can provide on tracking down the culprit.

"It's so horrific. It's a dastardly act," North Miami police spokesman Lt. Neal Cuevas told CNN. "It's the most heinous thing that a person can do to another person."

Sladewski hails from Michigan. Her boyfriend, who has not been named, is considered a person of interest because he was vacationing with her in Florida.

The couple arrived in Miami on Thursday to celebrate New Year's Eve with a Lady Gaga concert. Cuevas said Sladewski's boyfriend confirmed they went to Club Space on Saturday and remained until early Sunday morning, at which point an argument ensued.

He was thrown out of the club, Sladewski stayed, and that was the last time her boyfriend saw her alive.

Said Sladewski's sister:

"She loved life, she was full of life. She went on a lot of vacations. She was a great person. I couldn't imagine anything like this happening. We can't even give her an open casket. We can't even see her again. She did not deserve to die in this way."

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dfhdfh-Your probablly the "KILLER" What Mantality!!! I'm going to report you as a potential suspect in her murder as well as others who knows.You have serious issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am praying for this young ladys family.The loss of child is heartbreaking enough with natural causes,but to be taken out of this world with so much hate, violence,brutality,and unimagineable suffering inflicted upon her is certinaly too overwhelming for the compassionate person to comprehend as to what her family ,especially her mother, is going through . May they depend upon the Lord Jesus Christ to see them through their time of mourning.


We need to stop this,together we can do it. No more deaths caused by other sub-human individuals.


FYI, Club Space is full of drugs and druggie people, this is what miami is made of, this is exactly what happened to south beach, all the low lifes took over and down went the city, no more upscale clubs, just shit wholes, trust me people you would never go back if you seen the place with the lights on, the type of people can't even support the clubs, that is exactly why there are no upscale clubs left in south beach, a club opens, two months later its gone, the shit wanna b's with no money go to the clubs and don't spend a dime, can't even afford to by a lady a drink, talkin shit to the ladies who they are and what they got, and the ladies end up make stupid mistakes,ladies, take it from one who knows, they ain't got shit, they don't even have jobs .....


Just b/c you pose for playboy does NOT mean you are a slut. AT ALL. Playboy is very glamorous & tasteful & NO ONE deserves to have life taken away from them. You should really watch your words...mindless idiot


I don't know which is worse. Hearing what happened to this poor woman or the comments these uncompassionate morons are making in this column. Don't judge least you be judged.


dfhdfh, did you do it ?
Often murderers take part in conversation like this. Arrest dfhdfh, then we will see.


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If he can't handle the babe, he should stay away from the a more homely gal..hopefully, she was burned while completely dead...anyways this is sic and no man owns a woman


too bad, beautiful woman!