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He is soooooo correct, but I too am torn between trying to help those who truly can't and not helping due to overall corruption and drug abuse and sales.
I wish we could help in a manner that is not necessaritly giving them just money to do what they need to, or not, do.
I wish we could give them food direct, like I insist on doing for the homeless on the corner, not more cash!!!
A number 3 with a cloke at MickyD's is better than giving some one a $5.00 bill, in my humble and at times torn opinion.


Alux: Paul Shirly makes millions????

What is truly sad is your assumption that a freelance writer makes millions.


I actually don't agree with this man, it is our obligation to help those in need. However, annually the US already gives hundreds of millions of dollars to help Haiti and it has always gone for nothing but corruption.

Haiti is the size of Massachusetts. Our country alone has already donated nearly 2 billion dollars. My question is when is enough? How much money does it really take?

Lizz: No offense but a condom doesn't exactly take a lot of education to use one. It's a piece of rubber that a man puts on his penis. If someone knows how to put a shirt on they should be able to put a condom on.


Idiot. Sad how people as ignorant as this loser make tons of money where they could actually help or do something effective.

Actually more sad that stupid people actually pay this numbskull millions.



So he's blaming a poor country for its inability to respond to a 7.0 earthquake? That's very sound thinking. Hey, shit happens!

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