Oprah Winfrey to Dedicate "Once-in-a-Lifetime" Show to Adam Lambert

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It sounds very much like Oprah Winfrey is preparing a show entirely dedicated to Adam Lambert.

Sorry, in Oprah-speak, we mean to say: It sounds very much like Oprah Winfrey is preparing a show entirely dedicated to Adam LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbert!

On the talk show host's website this week, a message has been posted that reads:

 Calling ALL Adam Lambert Fans!!! Did you vote for him as many times as you could? Were you holding your breath when the new American Idol was announced, hoping and praying it would be HIM?

If you are a HUGE fan of Adam Lambert's, email us now and tell us why you want to be in the audience for this once-in-a-lifetime show.

A Constant Interviewer
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The Big A might soon sit down with The Big O. We can't wait.

In October, the former American Idol finalist was interviewed by Winfrey for an episode about reality TV stars. Shen then invited him back to perform after his CD was released.

Sounds like that was more than a hollow invitation. Will you tune in for an all-Adam Lambert installment of the gabfest?


Leni, You are right. The world has never been a perfect place. I do not argue that point. There has always been right and wrong. The thing is, though, when you see wrong you don't go along with it. No, when you see wrong you try to right it. That is why many of the things you mentioned are no longer around. Adam Lambert's obscene performance on the AMA telecast was wrong. There are laws in communities across this nation against such offensive behavior. Mr. Lambert needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of those laws.


YES, I'll be glued to the set! Not only does Adam have an amazing, powerhouse voice, he is also intelligent, charming and articulate. Thanks Oprah, for showcasing this fantastic, new talent!
BTW, to Jen, you've made your point; now BUTT OUT, Windbag. Quit flogging your opinion, nobody cares...And to Reality, might I remind you that during that "not so long ago era", that you speak so fondly of, we also had, racial segregation, gender inequality, polio, world war, maybe your nastalgia is clouding your memories of how things really were back then.


Thankyou Oprah....what a unique talent he is. For those 'haters' out there, there is medication available to you.


OF COURSE NOT!!! BIG FAT NO!!! This is a favor to Ellen and Simon(who is arrogantly in denial) who have likely asked repeatedly of Oprah to glorify and have Adam on. Age or experience have nothing to do with honest observation. Read toyou10's and reality comments just above for dignified and honest opinions.


Adam Lambert should have won American Idol #1 spot. He is very talented. However, he should never repeat what he did on the American Music Awards. That was totally inappropriate. Adam is too talented to resort to lewd acts. I hope his appearance on Oprah's show will improve his image.


A BIG FAT ABSOLUTELY "YES." WITH BELLS ON!!! Love this great talent and wonderful person. I don't watch Oprah either but for Adam, definitely will watch.


YES YES YES, bring it on!!!!!!!!!! I will take the day off just to watch Adam Lambert on TV anytime!!!! He's the most talented person to have hit the music industry in a very long time!!! I also love Gaga. Wish she gets an interview this year too!!!


Jen, what is wrong with you? BTW Adam looks beautiful without eyeliner and makeup. There are many pictures of him without it in magazines. If you don't think he can sing, you should really get your ears checked. I am serious. BTW I saw Elvis perform a few months before he died and he was great. I am counting the days until Oprah. It will be a great show. I hope he sings, too. Adam is the best performer in music today. My whole family loves him. First Cd I have bought in years.


thank you oprah! i emailed you so many times about having adam on your show and now it is real, it is actually happening. thanks heaps! adam be a good boy okay?


I "WILL NOT" be watching the program on Oprah when she has Adam Lambert on. Number one I can't stand Oprah, and I am so glad she is finally leaving day time programming. She is a waste of air time! Adam is a very rude person, and I hated the awards program he was on when he grabbed this other musician, and kissed him on air. That was suppose to be a family awards program not a free for all. The children sitting in front of the TV asked was that another guy he just kissed? I got up and turned the television off. We changed the subject right away!

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