Oprah Winfrey to Dedicate "Once-in-a-Lifetime" Show to Adam Lambert

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It sounds very much like Oprah Winfrey is preparing a show entirely dedicated to Adam Lambert.

Sorry, in Oprah-speak, we mean to say: It sounds very much like Oprah Winfrey is preparing a show entirely dedicated to Adam LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbert!

On the talk show host's website this week, a message has been posted that reads:

 Calling ALL Adam Lambert Fans!!! Did you vote for him as many times as you could? Were you holding your breath when the new American Idol was announced, hoping and praying it would be HIM?

If you are a HUGE fan of Adam Lambert's, email us now and tell us why you want to be in the audience for this once-in-a-lifetime show.

A Constant Interviewer
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The Big A might soon sit down with The Big O. We can't wait.

In October, the former American Idol finalist was interviewed by Winfrey for an episode about reality TV stars. Shen then invited him back to perform after his CD was released.

Sounds like that was more than a hollow invitation. Will you tune in for an all-Adam Lambert installment of the gabfest?


The Numbers are in for the seventh week... Susan Boyle sold another 98,538 CD's...dropping to number 2 after six consecutive weeks at number 1. Adam Lambert continued his fall...this time dropping from number 34 on the charts to number 41...selling only 10,983 CD's. Ms. Boyle is listed as well over THREE TIMES PLATINUM in retail sales...FOUR TIMES PLATINUM in both wholesale and retail sales. (GOLD and MULTI-PLATINUM in countries throughout the world!) Mr. Lambert has yet to reach Gold Record status of 500,000 sold.
His CD sales have dropped consistently every week he has been on the charts. It seems mistakes have consequences.


Looking forward to Adam with Oprah (Orpah)! Oprah is very intelligent and has a great sense about herself and her guests. Everything I've ever read and/or seen regarding Oprah is/has been very classy. As for Adam, I have always found him to be very articulate, down-to-earth and sincere. We live in a very strange world where all some people want to do is continue dragging someone down....so sad. Thank heavens we have people like Oprah and Adam who take a positive outlook on life...more could follow their examples. All the best Oprah and Adam!


YES!!!!! I will watch Oprah if Adam is on....I will watch any show if Adam is on and buy any magazine too! He is awesome...I'm 61 and LOVE him!! Woohooooooooooo!


PICK ME !! I never watched Idol until Adam showed up. He gave me goosebumps from day one with his talent and wonderful EYES. How sexy! Most of my co-workers and family do NOT understand my daily enthusiasim playing his CD in my office... LOUD !! I would travel ANYWHERE to see him in person though I am not sure if could BREATH if I was anywhere near him !! AAAAHHHHHHH MY heart just pounds and I am a married mom with grown kids.


ABSOLUTELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are going to have one of the most brilliant singers to grace a stage in memory. I certainly will be there to see his interview and watch him and his band perform. What a treat. Thank you Oprah.


I will watch any show that has Adam lambert on. He is the best thing that ever came out of American idol, love his CD, all song are entertaining,When he was on AI 8, i could hardly wait to see him,since then i have been on internet looking up anything related to Adam Lambert,he has that IT factor that none of the AI contestant had, he has captivated me since AI 8 and am forever his fan.


I'd be there. Just try an keep me away !!! Adam Lambert Has a god given TALENT that most people only can dream about having.
Thanks you Oprah- For giving us this awesome chance to watch him perform an meet him in person.


YES, Oprah, you are wonderful. I am a 65 year old retired man, live in Florida, and have never heard anyone with the voice, tone, and range that Adam Lambert has. His fans are diverse, young and old, and very dedicated to him. His fans are loyal! He is honest, sincere, a little stubborn, but a wonderful person. Thanks for bringing him on your show.


True, but in your original post, you implied that the WWII era was better than the current one, and in many ways it wasn't, that was my point. Your call to prosecute Adam Lambert to the full extent of the law, is wildly over the top. Following that logic, you'd have to prosecute, Britney Spears, Madonna, (for almost every performance she's ever given, live or on TV, remember her on David Letterman?),Sharon Stone, Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynt, I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the drift. Bottom line; I do think modern society could use a "shake up" in the morality department, but the problem goes much deeper than one admittedly tasteless performance. Adam has admitted that he "got carried away in the moment," I've never heard that from Madonna. Have a grand day anyway!

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