Noah Cyrus Talks About Everybody Getting Crunk, Boys Trying to Touch Her Junk

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Noah Cyrus is at it again.

Miley's little sister has released yet another age inappropriate video, as she's gone from singing about smacking buttocks on the floor to getting crunked all night long.

Indeed, 10-year old Noah lip synchs to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" in the clip below. Yes, it's nice to see a little girl that's responsible enough to brush her teeth every night. But with a bottle of Jack? That isn't right...

We know you loved Miley's stripper routine, Billy Ray Cyrus. But can you please put a stop to this before it's too late?

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This isnt bad.
I watched this and thought it was perfectly fine except for some moves;;
She is growing up in hollywood, you need to understand that.
and calling her a slut;
well obviously she isnt one because she is too young. Just take a breath, it isnt that bad.


forget lindsey lohans mom. their mom really needs some parenting lessons. she has no control over her kids. i mean what kind of parent allows their 9 year old to make a video like this. not to mention the fact that this girl was photographed on a stripper pole years ago. dont even get me started on miley and her adult bf that is now living in the same house as she is. geez this mom needs help!!!!


Ppl are blowing this waaay outa proportion. In this day in age when most elementry children have ipods, computers, and access to all kinds of cable including mtv, if ur gona hate on her then lets do it with all children accross the board. Lets be real most 10 year olds kno and sing this song. she may understand the lyrics of this song but im sure the dance beat and the popularity of it is what makes her like it. And how can ppl judge sumone else as a bad parent? Those are usually the same ppl who have the worse most f'ed up kids themselves.


oh gosh..come ON,people..!! she doesn't know what she was doing..?she doesn't know what she was singing..??! isn't that bad parenting..??! first of all..her parents should've told her what the song was about and what it meant when she tried to make that video in the first place..and second of all..she's 10 years old..!! she's acting too mature for her age..she understands most of what the song says..i'm sure of sister..who's 9 years old even understands the songs on the radio..come on...!


ummm come on guys ur calling a TEN YEAR OLD a slut dont u think thats alittle harsh and who cares if she likes Ke$ha's tik tok there are at least over a million people in the world right now that are singing the words, talkin bout everybody gettin krunk,boys tryin to touch my junk, its just asong and shes just a girl and who are u to take it out on miley they arent the perfect family but they are all nice kids and billy and his wife have brought thier jids up the RIGHT way !!!!!!!


Oh Hell Yeah--You know I gotta comment on this! first though,Get_Over_It:Much love 4 you! You pretty much said it all!! Thanks! And to THG---You guys have nothing better to do than 2 bash on a 10-year-old who's just having fun?! What-The-FUCK-is-WRONG-with YOU?! Seriously?!Bashing Miley wasn't enough?! MAN you guys need a LIFE! And to Slut Family(above)and another hollywood trainwreck(above)You ever hear the phrase:"If you don't have something nice to say about someone--DON'T SAY ANYTHING!" You two commenters should truly practice that--A LOT! I hope one day soon,YOUR Life gets put under a microscope--then we'll see what sarcastic and rude comments you have to spew..You guys are the real 'TRASH'. Self righteous bunch of Losers...Always wantin to tear somebody down..Does it make you feel real good? Sadly--It probably does..Wow..Where do some people get the nerve..Heartless bunch'a Nothings...Later;HW


are you kidding me. you are calling a 10 year old little girl a slut! This is just a little girl dancing to one of the most popular songs in the country right now. Get real you guys!


inappropriate for a child this age. seems like there is NO parental guidance in the cyrus household. between the slutty behavior of their 17 year old daughter & now this for the 10 year old. Lord only knows what the sons are doing. Boy these people really are trash.




It's sickening how much is made over a child dancing and playing to a song. Sure this might not be an ideal song choice for a kid but it's just a song she probably doesn't know what all the lyrics mean and it isn't any worse than people letting young babies watch Beyonces mostly naked, booty shaking videos. When you see those videos do you sit back and clap for those parents "starting their kids off early" on the track to shaking their asses while barely wearing clothing? As for her sister Miley she truly isn't doing, acting or dressing any differently than other teenage girls. The difference is that most teenage girls aren't always in the public eye for people to wag their tongues all over about it. Time for society to go check on their own daughters and actually see how they are dressing and behaving before they try to put their nose into how these kids are being raised.