Noah Cyrus Talks About Everybody Getting Crunk, Boys Trying to Touch Her Junk

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Noah Cyrus is at it again.

Miley's little sister has released yet another age inappropriate video, as she's gone from singing about smacking buttocks on the floor to getting crunked all night long.

Indeed, 10-year old Noah lip synchs to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" in the clip below. Yes, it's nice to see a little girl that's responsible enough to brush her teeth every night. But with a bottle of Jack? That isn't right...

We know you loved Miley's stripper routine, Billy Ray Cyrus. But can you please put a stop to this before it's too late?

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OMGS she didn't even do nothin' wrong GO NOAH :)


UHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I really don't see the issue. I geuss people don't realize that kids grow up more these days.. Me being a 13 year old girl i have seen more inaapropriate stuff and knew more inapprpriate stuff before I reached the age of eight. Yeah when I was four i learned about sex. at five i learned about homosexuality all blame T.V fools!! Oh yeah I find nothing wrong. Like Omg she is dancin' to 'Tik Tok' which mentions certain things not for kids. Do you know how many kids already drink beer or live in a home full of beer and wine or JACK! and when it comes to kids doing stuff you can't blame their parents. Why? Becaus e we are all individuals and have a mind of our own and may not want to listen to our parents. Peace Out!


She is not a slut and neither is Miley! Miley rocks! To the SLUT family comment, you are the slut bitch!


Starry, you say that she can't be a slut because she's too young. Are you serious? Do you know how young kids are today when they start experimenting?


Unknown, you are so right. This is definitely the wrong way to raise a child. To all of you who are saying it's no big deal, are you old enough to vote, buy alcohol? I'm pretty sure your parents would be mortified. And if you are a parent, shame on you. The reason these kids are acting this way is because there is no parental control. Kids walk all over their parents & that's just not right.


this is so bad i got nothing to say about this one!


name says it all...
she's just a kid! leave her alonee!


If I didn't know better, I'd be laughing my butt off thinking, "OMG! She's hitting that dude with a POLE!!!". But, really?! First the pics, then the pole, now this?! Their parents need help with parenting! What has this world come to! Okay, she's only 10 guys! Cut her some slack, but not a lot. If she can't learn the right way, let her find out the hard way.


Shes just 10 years old, give her a break, shes just trying to have a little fun and enjoy life and i dont think there is anything bad about this video, the song is awesome and her dancing is cute, Keep it up!!!


She is miley's sister so what did u expected? dancing and signing to kpbs songs? LOL i dont think that calling a 10 year old slut is a good think but i also dont think that at the age of 10 a kid doesnt know what does lyrics meant. Honestly every single thing that is done by this family doesnt surprise me anymore. And yeah maybe a lot of little kids do the same thing like Noah but the difference is that her family is consider part of the celebrity world and all the things they do are know for public view.