Noah Cyrus Talks About Everybody Getting Crunk, Boys Trying to Touch Her Junk

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Noah Cyrus is at it again.

Miley's little sister has released yet another age inappropriate video, as she's gone from singing about smacking buttocks on the floor to getting crunked all night long.

Indeed, 10-year old Noah lip synchs to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" in the clip below. Yes, it's nice to see a little girl that's responsible enough to brush her teeth every night. But with a bottle of Jack? That isn't right...

We know you loved Miley's stripper routine, Billy Ray Cyrus. But can you please put a stop to this before it's too late?

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Ok, this isn't bad especially if that's just a cousin. But I mean, there is a big difference between a 10 year old dancing to tik tok having fun and a four year old dancing to "3" at a preschool dance! Which I mean preschool! really! RIDICULOUS!!!! Anyways, i'd do this anyday...put it on youtube....maybe not. This is alright I guess but her parents gotta be careful with their little girl's teenage role model(sister) lap dancing and pole dancing......just sayin.


wow...this is probably irrevelant but that guy is cute = )


my four year-old cousin will dance to TiK ToK when it plays on the radio or my eight year-old sister's ipod. just because noahs a celebrity doesnt make her any different. this is not age inappropriate behavior, many children younger than her do exactly the same. she does not act like a slut in this video, shes just dancing and lip-syncing to a well-known and popular song. GET OVER IT.


Ok. The guy in the video is a cousin of Cyrus.
Why is everyone blaming the little girl, calling her a "slutty tramp?!"
If anything, the parents should be to blame, because they aren't supervising her time with the video camera or internet use. She shouldn't be allowed a youtube account, she's 10 for goodness sake!!
Also, what exactly IS an age appropriate song? Mary Had a Little Lamb? Have you heard what is on the radio lately? Everything is trashy, so that's what all the 10 year old little girls are listening to! She basically just likes the beat, and has no idea what the words mean. And if you watched the video, she doesn't even know the words. So everyone needs to calm down.


Wow... seriously... how many young girls do you think are in their room listening to the radio and dancing to the same song. Really. It's innocent. It's not like she had beer.


shes just having fun jesus, everyone grow up!
she doesnt know or care what the lyrics mean shes having FUN


Hey three year old's pre-school played Britney Spears' "3" at her Valentine's Day Dance. I guess the DJ thought he'd be helping the kids learn to count since she says 1-2-3 in the lyrics? Anyways, totally agree with you.


She is in the showbiz industry. She is not going to be singing to age-appropriate songs. She will grow up much quicker than most kids her age. Just leave her be. It's her journey. Leave Billy Ray and Tish to the parenting.




Young girls are becoming more sexually attractive every day. Noah can sit on my lap anytime. I love nick and disney. Two channels that provide preteen tarts for my pleasure almost 24 hours a day. I look forward to noahs private lingerie pics.