Noah Cyrus Launches Children's Lingerie Line

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We wish we were making this up: Noah Cyrus and a friend are the main (extremely young) faces of a new clothing line... of children's lingerie!

It's called "Ooh! La, La Couture" and it's pretty much a collection of French Maid outfits. Nice.

Watch a video of Noah and Miley Cyrus, with the former shilling for her clothing line, below.

This isn't the first time 10-year old Noah has been involved in an age inappropriate activity:

She wore this outfit during a red carpet appearance last year; and more recently sung about getting crunked and brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels.

Runs in the family?


french maid outfits...uh, guess what girls have been wearing petticoats since they have worn dresses, lol...looks liek you guys need to get your minds out of the gutter, esp when you are writing about little girls....sick asses


To be sincerely honest, I am more freaked out by the 'Toddlers and Tiaras' show/lifestyle than anything else. Now THOSE little girls look more like miniature adults.


I hardly can call this lingerie for children. If anything, it reminds me of the Japanese Lolita inspired clothing which, despite the name 'lolita' is not so much about any sexual fetish but the desire to look 'doll like' and untouched by time. The lolita fashion is more about, again, looking like Victorian porcelain doll than anything else. I mean, sure, there are people out there that have a sexual fetish for the Lolita fashion... but then again, there are people who find mary jane shoes erotic, and the Mary Jane style of shoe is very popular amongst the prepubescent girls.


hollywood the fact that she is 10 years old it doesnt mean that she cannot defend her self, i mean if she can sing about getting crunk why not be able to defend? Anyway, on the video the outfit at least noah is wearing looks cute but having a 10 year old or any other children to wear same lingerie grownups wear to spice things up LOL i dunno, well i cant imagine the way the pictures are gonna look LOL whats wrong with her parents! if they wanna make money why not making her audition for tv series or movies, something more children like.


Are you her dad? Clearly you care a little bit to much about at 10 year old girl. and not enough about the fact that she has terrible parents that let her do things that get broadcasted on the internet.



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