Noah Cyrus Launches Children's Lingerie Line

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We wish we were making this up: Noah Cyrus and a friend are the main (extremely young) faces of a new clothing line... of children's lingerie!

It's called "Ooh! La, La Couture" and it's pretty much a collection of French Maid outfits. Nice.

Watch a video of Noah and Miley Cyrus, with the former shilling for her clothing line, below.

This isn't the first time 10-year old Noah has been involved in an age inappropriate activity:

She wore this outfit during a red carpet appearance last year; and more recently sung about getting crunked and brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels.

Runs in the family?

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I don't think they consider it lingerie or even really know what lingerie is for that matter


She is NOT designing this...its a line of Tu-tu's not french maid outfits!! You can get the whole story here:


Oh yes if it on a site called "Hollywood Gossip" it must be true. Idiots this is a bogus story. The outfits the two girls are wearing are what are called Tutu Dresses and THAT is all the whole thing is about. The woman who designed and makes them called her company Ooh La La Couture and the girls are supposed to be spokes people for them. Dresses people NOT lingerie. Stop living on sites with the word GOSSIP as part of the name and believing every piece of crap story they put up like it is true. I bet you all believe EVERY word printed in rags like The National Enquirer too.


she looks good in that


Um, how can anyone say this resembles a doll or a tutu, wake up and watch a news broadcast every once in a while and see the world that we live in now. The pictures speak for themselves. These very young little girls are wearing fish net stockings, thigh high boots and bright red trampy lipstick. She's only 9 years old!!!! This is the worst thing I have seen since "toddlers and tiaras" came on the air. As a child and family therapist, this is an outrage, parents need to open their eyes and preserve the innoncence of our children. It's NOT how YOU view your child in that so called cute outfit, it's how the rest of the world, pedophiles included, are looking up and down at your little girl in that provocative outfit. How can that NOT make you sick to be the one actually purchasing and encouraging this behavior! Billy Ray should truly be ashamed of himself for allowing such exploitation of his little girls as should anyone else foolish enough to buy this trash!


Why do children need lingere


You ARE making this up! They are NOT making a lingerie line. They are making tank tops with tutu skirts. My daughter has been where Ooh! La, La! Couture dresses for years, and they are adorable and sweet. NO ONE HAS EVER suggested that they look like lingerie. Check out their website. NOWHERE DO THEY MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT A LINE OF LINGERIE!!!!


i don't think think this is a good idea...


why have kids be kids anymore. I think once they come out of the womb, let's just get it over with, sit them in front of the t.v watch sexually mature shows, dress them not in pink and blue but lace and leather. All kidding aside, what is wrong with some people? A parent should be outraged at the thought of a child wearing lingerie. Don't adults realize that our nation is filled with pedophiles preying on and even murding innocent children and then you have parents that actually are promoting the sexuality of their children? This is disgusting to me. As a parent I do so much to prolong the innocence of my almost 13 year old and then you have parents like this, it just amazes me. I guess I don't understand what the rush is, all it will do is mess these kids up later in life.


me and my friends are doing that to its going to be called berry and cherry

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