Noah Cyrus Launches Children's Lingerie Line

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We wish we were making this up: Noah Cyrus and a friend are the main (extremely young) faces of a new clothing line... of children's lingerie!

It's called "Ooh! La, La Couture" and it's pretty much a collection of French Maid outfits. Nice.

Watch a video of Noah and Miley Cyrus, with the former shilling for her clothing line, below.

This isn't the first time 10-year old Noah has been involved in an age inappropriate activity:

She wore this outfit during a red carpet appearance last year; and more recently sung about getting crunked and brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels.

Runs in the family?

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LOL... you wanna talk about how fucked up society is, look at the twit who made a comment of "noah is cool but emily us booooring and ugly".... that's not really a comment one should make about a frickin' pre-teen.


I know alot of you are bitching because, "Ohh, they're tutus and tank tops, no biggie, leave them alone!" meanwhile, you conveniently forget to comment on the vinyl knee-high platform hooker boots Noah has worn more than once, as well as the skin tight, stripper-esc navy blue cocktail dress she wore. Also, is it normal for a 9 year old girl to sing popular songs about smacking asses and drinking Jack Daniels? Yeah, didn't think so. Wake up, people. The Cyrus family is very, VERY fucked up.


hi i think noah is cool but emily is sooo boring and agly sooooory


Ummm... Noahs 10 and its not lingerie.... it's called CLOTHES :@ And plus it's not even her clothing line. It's Emily Grace Reaves' clothing line. and plus its a Tank and a fluffy skirt. no fucking harm there? and every childhood stars wearing the same fashion. Ryan Newman, Bella Throne, Madison Petti, Noah Cyrus, Emily Reaves, and a whole bunch other ! It's nothing bad?


That is stupid I was 10 last year and I never would have wanted to do that! It SICK!! I mean she is making a bad choice for herself when she is her sisters ages who knows what she would be up to?? Plus she is giving her family bad publicity they've already got enough from Miley Cant be Tamed!!


noah told me about the STUPID RUMOR PEREZ MADE UP. she made an edgy cool punk clothing line. theres no lingere.. shes frekin 10 years old. shut the fuck up and lleave her and her family alone


Leave the girls alone! They just went out to have some fun. They didn't need to wake up the next morning and find out that people are bad saying stuff about how they dress. I agree with brook, U guys should stay out of their business. Emily proboly worked hard designing that clothing line, so when they wore it they didnt think people would yell! Why does it matter to u anyway, the woman saying they hate it proboly are just jealous they cant fit into it


This is NOT. RIGHT. I know that some of you may say, "Oh, leave her alone, she's only a kid!" Um. Are you people listening to what you're saying?! You're saying that we should not give a crap that a nine year old is selling lingerie to other kids her age. How do you not see a problem with this? Before you know it, they'll be telling you it's cool to have sex ASAP. What has the world come to...?


What. The. Hell?


Absolutely disgusting. Billy ray really ought to be ashamed of himself. exploiting his daughters like this. Miley will end up in rehab soon, and Noah will follow. This is just inviting the pedophiles to google her for pics. My 4 year old daughter is absolutely naturally beautiful. I have had offers from fisher price and modeling agents and pagents. I for one would never put my baby through anything like that for finacial gain.

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