Noah Cyrus Launches Children's Lingerie Line

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We wish we were making this up: Noah Cyrus and a friend are the main (extremely young) faces of a new clothing line... of children's lingerie!

It's called "Ooh! La, La Couture" and it's pretty much a collection of French Maid outfits. Nice.

Watch a video of Noah and Miley Cyrus, with the former shilling for her clothing line, below.

This isn't the first time 10-year old Noah has been involved in an age inappropriate activity:

She wore this outfit during a red carpet appearance last year; and more recently sung about getting crunked and brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels.

Runs in the family?

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noah how old are you and ILove you


Big deal who cares. It's not really Lingerie. Just tutus and tank tops oh well.


WOW!! This is NOT a freakin childrens lingerie thing!! 0.o Ooh La La Coulture makes clothes for babys. They wouldn't do that if it was a lingerie line. Wow. It's just another clothing line. Go to thier website and look at it. And some of you guys are really peverted.


I love it! Skimpier please! So fucking yummy. Take it all off! Let me see those tiny tits and lil nummy pussys. My cocks hard!


omg! how could her dad let her were that kind of clothes it verey stupid


And are you freaking serious? She's like 10 years old and she has a Twitter?


This is SAD. Noah is turning into a little whore as we speak! What's next?? Teen pregnancy? She's freakin' following in Miley's footsteps. Why won't their parents do ANYTHING to stop them?? Yes, I said them - Miley and Noah.


I think noah cyrus and her friend just want to have some fun. who can blame them?


ugly noah and her friend


That's fucking retarted there only tutus and tank tops!! Yea I kno there fish net tight I don't care!! I'm 13 and I wear stuff like that!! Jeez I think it's cool that they have there own style!

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