Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez: Back Together?!?

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Nick Jonas has a new band.

Does he also have an old girlfriend?

In the video below, Selena Gomez is spotted getting off a tour bus with Nick in Chicago. Sources also say she was in attendance at his concert in Detroit over the weekend.

Rumors of a Jonas/Gomez relationship began to surface in the summer of 2008. Nick never really shot them down, though there was never an official break-up. Think this video means there's been an official reconciliation?

During he and his band's tour, Nick has covered songs by Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift?

Why nothing by Gomez? Perhaps he was trying to throw fans off the scent of this rekindled romance. Sound off with your thoughts on this possible pairing right now.

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I hope this is true because they make a very cute couple but obviously I know that Nick has a thousand brides although he will always be mine


Ay! q tiernos nelena son unicos jaja me encantan la pareja q asen o no? no importa parece q bardear a selena no cambia nada asi q si van a bardear a la pobre de selena no escriban okei NELENA X 100PRE


Greet news because my friend is a fan of Selena and nick and Selena is a perfect together
and all those girls be contented of whats happening to them


OMG,i hope this is really true that they both r dating again.nick and selena look really good together as in like meant for each other type.i seriously think that they should in movie together which shows both of their hectic lives as popstars and they meet in disguises.and then their friendship goes on like normal people and not like popstar type.and then nick,in front of the public can call out her name and kiss her .may be that would be nice.


I think it would be reallllly cute if they go out :) The haters need to stop, just cause some other girl is moving in on their "man". You can talk all the shit you want but thats not gonna do anything. If they wanna be together, they WILL be together, regardless of what we all think. Lol so the hardcore NJ fans needa calm down.


will i am going to say this they are not dateing and they wounld tell us if they were and noting happen so that mean's is they are not dateing and yes they are really good friends and at the park pictuers of nick and selena maybe they are just talking about stuff yeah


nick and selena
nick and miley i think niley because come i know miley dating liam and he's hot.but let me tell you nick only doing because he wants to make miley jealous.ok they say there the best of friends or not i think not.and i have to say nick was pretty sweet when he wrote selena a song.'stay'but i'm saying this for some of u or a lot of you disagree.but this is just me saying.


I think they do not go as boyfriends and if so somehow think any of us would have shown some affection so the other not?? the truth does not think they are going and if so they grab na cute couple and I wish the selana that does not do anything because if I kill it so I have nothing more to say about it


she's soooo lucky...i don't think their dating.there's no proof! but NELENA FOREVER..even if i hate selena they are cute together IF they are dating


i don't think there dating,i think look cute together if they are.there's no proof! but NELENA FOREVA

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