New Tiger Woods Scandal Details: Elin Woods Texted Rachel Uchitel Pretending to Be Cheating Husband

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Lies. Ambien. Text message impersonation. Golf club-wielding insanity.

The Daily Beast cites close Elin Woods sources in piecing together the clearest picture yet of the Tiger Woods scandal, a.k.a. the most expensive car crash in history.

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These sources' details mesh with the more credible accounts of the post-Thanksgiving altercation to date, and we've excerpted some scandalous details here:

During the run-up to Thanksgiving, Tiger gave Elin advance warning that the National Enquirer was about to run a story claiming he had an affair with Rachel Uchitel.

Woods swore the story was false and that he had only met Uchitel 1-2 times at social outings. The day before Thanksgiving, Tiger convinced Uchitel to talk to Elin.

Rachel Uchitel spoke to her for half an hour, and Elin believed that the relationship was platonic - until she read the Enquirer's specifics of the purported affair.

Sources say Elin Woods busted Rachel Uchitel via text message.

That evening, the two argued. Tiger decided to end the bickeringby taking Ambien and going to sleep (he often took Ambien to help him sleep - and bang Uchitel).

After Woods fell asleep, Elin looked through his phone, found texts to Uchitel (under her real name) and discovered one saying “You are the only one I’ve loved.”

Shortly after 1 a.m. in Florida, Elin began texting Rachel Uchitel, pretending to be Tiger, writing “I miss you,” and asking, “When are we seeing each other again?”

Uchitel texted back, surprised that Woods was awake. Elin felt this response indicated that the two of them spoke earlier that night, before Tiger took his Ambien.

At that point, Elin Woods called Uchitel, who answered thinking it was Tiger. Elin said something approximating, “I knew it was you.” Uchitel’s shocked reply: “Oh f--k.”

She immediately hung up.

Normally quiet and controlled, Elin became enraged and woke Tiger by screaming at him. He seemed disoriented from the Ambien. The fight ratcheted up quickly.

Shortly after waking up, Tiger sent another text to Uchitel warning that Elin uncovered the affair, that he was about to pack, and their divorce might be imminent.

Elin found this text too, though, after he locked himself in the bathroom for several minutes without his phone. Elin didn’t tell Woods what she’d seen, however.

After he came out, she exploded, trying to hit him on the chest and arms with her fists, and then finally chasing him from the house while she wielded a golf club.

An expression we imagine Tiger Woods has worn a lot lately.

Shoeless, he ran into the car and peeled out of the driveway before crashing into a fire hydrant and then smashing into a tree, resulting in the police being called.

Woods went to the hospital and when he was released, Tiger was whisked off to an undisclosed location, as Elin was too furious to allow him back that afternoon.

This likely explains why Elin told police who arrived at their mansion outside Orlando that Woods was not able to speak with them then, saying he was asleep.

Representatives for Tiger and Elin have not commented on this. Gloria Allred, attorney for Rachel Uchitel, commented only to say “We have no comment on this.”

According to a friend, Elin remains furious, but their marriage is not over yet. She will wait for the golfer to finish sex addiction rehab before making a decision.

She was with him in rehab this weekend, according to reports, adding credence to reports that she may still take him back. But all bets certainly remain off.

Elin Woods should ...


Its unfortunate that tiger and elen have to deal with these rag news papers and the jelous public.being the super athlete this this man is he has manny people who dislike him for his greatness and wealth.he and manny men like him have done similar u nforgibeable acts but he is exposed because of his celebrity.hopefully all will be forgiven mostly for the childrens,sake.


This is the second version of Thanksgiving Night story (from an unnamed person claiming Elin's girlfriend in some e-rumour)....A first version (from a named person who claimed a close friend of Mark Steinberg) was about Tiger watching TV (rather than in bed) and Elin stabbed him there.. I won't believe in any e-rumours these days... I recalled way back in Dec, there were tons of e-rumours (especially many said People Magazine having inside sources) citing the couple was undertaking intensive marriage counselling several hours per day... Guess what...upon hindsight, recent e-rumours all said Elin and Tiger had not seen each other since Thanksgiving not until the rumoured recent Elin's visit to sex rehab to see Tiger.. In short, many versions and all horribly quite detail... I can only view each with a grain of salt !


Mr Woods has proven a total loser in all aspects of his life. Yes he is a great golfer but for the rest NOTHING NADA NIENTE RIEN !!
This guy is nothing more than a spoiled child who still hides because he can't act like a man. He thought he was so special he could afford everything even hurting so bad his family.
I used to be such a huge fan of his and I feel so ashamed right now to have supported such a phoney.
Yes this is true that money can't buy class and dignity because Mr Woods must be a multi millionaire he has no principles, morals and values. So sad and pathetic really.
When you have everything life can offer and you are still not satisfied well he'd better stay hidden for the rest of his miserable life....


And how exactly did these supposed details get out?


I suspect Rachel (having so much experience as night club PR) is of type who knows how to manipulate men as well as the type who tells funny jokes etc.... while Elin is of the type who tend to be stricter in life... And most men like fun and unrestrained... But I think Tiger now know the cost he had to pay in having short period of fun because he runs the risk of losing a good wife as well as his lovely kids...I also think Tiger learnt a lot on being hurt by the x women using his scandal for $ and minutes on hall of fame.


THen half the guys in this country are pigs. Anyway I agree with Rose, it makes you scratch your head when you look at those two women. Rachel is a wonky eyed manly looking woman with awful eyebrows.


Tiger is an IDIOT ELIN is absolutely Beautiful, Rachel looks like a wash up porn star, with 50 STDs


Tiger should just forget about Elin, go back to playing golf, and use his winnings to buy and boink all the whores he wants. What's not to like? Half the guys in the country would jump at that chance.


Elin Nordegren has been a loyal wife to Tiger Woods and a devoted mother to their children. Tiger Woods’ emotional issues are very serious. If Elin decides to give Tiger another chance after his savage betrayal it will be because her love for him and their children is stronger than anything else. But love will not be enough to cure Tiger’s issues and the emotional demands of staying with Tiger Woods will be very high. Elin is facing a difficult decision. I hope and pray that whatever she decides will work for the best for her and the children.


if I'm Tiger I go on 60 minutes immediately after I get out of whatever sex rehab/therapy/counseling bullshit he's doing and just come clean. all this stuff is probably true, at least most of it, and there will obviously be speculation. but to really get people to move past it he has to show people he's sorry, that he's human and not just some corporate pitchman who wishes he didn't get caught. Time to man up Tiger.

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